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Confidence, Creativeness & Expression !

Natasha Command is an educationalist and an aspiring model. Besides modelling part-time, or as Natasha likes to say, modelling “when she has the time”, Natasha is currently a full time graduate student at the University of Toronto. She is completing a Masters of Education in Curriculum & Pedagogy and she hopes to work on curriculum design and development after she graduates

In a High Fashion Couture Look by Serge Jevaguine, Natasha finds herself in an upscale yet elegant couture setting at our fashion Inspired Photoshoot for Chaarmz Magazine. Her Fashion Statement is complimented by her subtle, yet Confident, Creative and Expressive posing.

Natasha would like to make a change and difference regarding education for children and improve areas of the curriculum that need it most. She has been a volunteer with Youth Assisting Youth for the past three years, where she has had the opportunity to work with at-risk youth and students. She has been privileged to meet and work with some wonderful youth, who have really inspired her, as someone interested in the field of education.


This organization has given her the opportunity to learn from youth who are considered “at-risk”, and to explore flaws in the education system that she one day hopes to change. Natasha has had many experiences working with youth who are either at-risk, or are in conflict with the law, and finds the power to make a difference in their lives, the most rewarding.

For our photoshoot in the Spa Setting, location arranged by our makeup artist Asmara Lawrence, photography was done by yours truly AKA Kal Ata, lighting on set, was managed by Rick Goedecki, and Natasha's look was created to perfection by our Makeup and Hair team of Tabi Moazzam and Asmara Lawrence, for the photoshoot, where we put strobe lights and back fill lights to compliment the look and soft edges of the outfits. A great experience working with the entire team and our fashion stylist, Analucia Beltran on her side during the Photoshoot.

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Natasha completed her Undergraduate/Bachelors degree at the University of Toronto as well, where she undertook a major in Political Science, and a double minor in French Studies and English. It was here that she had her first experience as a model in 2019. The university hosted its very first charity fashion show at the end of the year, and Natasha had the opportunity to participate, which sparked her interest in the art of fashion and modelling.

After that fashion show, she began exploring other opportunities and started to model for more shoots and shows. Natasha did anything from bikini/boudoir shoots, to modelling for startup fashion designers, to bridal and evening wear—trying to see what her best fit was. She quickly realized that bridal and couture photo shoots and fashion shows have her heart and are her favourite kinds of opportunities as a model.

Natasha has met and worked with some amazing people in the industry, and has learned so much throughout the past few years in this field. She has had some incredible experiences that she will always remember and forever be grateful for.

Between studying full-time and working part-time, it sometimes feels impossible to squeeze modelling in, but Natasha always tries to find a way, and she’s glad she does. Although modelling isn’t a full-time career for her, she hopes to continue doing it for as long as she can, even if that means only when she has the extra time.

Natasha believes that her experience as a model has definitely brought out a whole new level of confidence, creativeness, and expression in her, and will continue to. She was always told as a young girl that she should get into modelling when she is older, mainly because of her height, but Natasha was always opposed to this idea and didn’t see herself getting into modelling as a profession. She knew she had a passion for education as a child, and wanted to pursue her education as much as possible, so she didn’t think modelling was an option and was reluctant to start. These past few years as a model have really proven to her that although education and a career may be of utmost importance, finding other interests, talents, and/or skills that you’re interested in and passionate about can really work to provide a healthy balance in life.

The Technical Specs of the said images are as follows:

sony wideangle 35mm prime lens shot at 35mm, shot at f/10 1/125s ISO 100, godox Softbox as main light and umbrella as back fill light.

Publisher @chaarmzmagazine

Photographer @chaarmzstudio

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