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Custom Homes: It's all in the Details

The Toronto real estate market is currently experiencing record prices and a strong demand for all housing types across the board. From condos to single family homes, properties in the luxury market are no exception. All indicators point to a seller’s market throughout spring 2021.

The Pandemic has resulted in the home becoming a sanctuary, a place of entertainment, exercise, fine dining and relaxation. Customization allows homeowners to place emphasis on what is important to them and express their individual style. The variation in materials available has improved significantly in the GTA although still limited in comparison to other parts of the world.

Recently custom homes have comprised a larger segment of the market than ever before. Modern style homes have gained popularity, using clean lines, simple concepts, often with open and expansive spaces with an emphasis on minimalism.

Custom home building has given me the opportunity to collaborate with talented people in their various fields. Building can be a creative, artistic and passionate endeavour using your imagination and creativity. A vacant lot can be compared to a blank canvass where the ultimate goal is having form meet function. Paying attention to your site surrounding enables subtle differences that can have a huge impact and utilizing sun and moon patterns, elevation, drainage and grade can lead to extraordinary living.

My current home was built in the transitional style, incorporating warm traditional looks with a modern flare. Exaggerated ceiling mouldings with straight lines create the feeling of crisp grandeur. The design placed an emphasis on natural light. A total of five strategically placed skylights were incorporated throughout the house including one at the roof peak which illuminates the staircase below when the moon is full. Large doorways and windows bring the outdoors inside, covered terraces and private cabanas take advantage of both water and fire features. The pool is placed to receive the most sun during the summer and the terrace has a large fireplace with an oversized umbrella above it to capture the heat on cool autumn nights. When form meets function, it is the epitome of luxury. Custom homes -- it’s all in the details.

If you are considering building and would like to arrange a private consultation, please contact Alkarim Shivji, Managing Partner / Broker at Forest Hill Prestige Real Estate and co-founder of the AC Luxury Real Estate team.

Alkarim Shivji

Managing Partner & Broker

Instagram: @alkarim_shivji @foresthillprestige



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