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Updated: Jun 6, 2021




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Estelle Ohayon, of EO Art Concierge Inc., has been a secondary art market specialist focusing primarily on old masters, Impressionists and contemporary artists. Her career began while on a trip overseas several years ago, purchasing a piece of art from a local gallery. “The artist’s work moved me, and since I recently joined a Gala Committee for the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, I decided to ask the gallery for a donation. Not only did they agree to donate, but they also committed to create a custom piece for the Foundation. The piece was a hit at the auction, and by the end of the night, I knew I found my calling,” recalls Estelle.

Over the next several years, Estelle plunged herself into the art world: learning, researching, and building relationships with a vast network of international art dealers, artists, galleries, and private clients. She continues to support charitable endeavours through her work, partnering each year with artists to give back to the community.

The ‘Reve De Moi’ collaboration began with an introduction by a friend to Allan Kliger, a renowned photographer. Together they decided to start a project of black and white photography. The project gave them both the artistic freedom to express their unique vision through scenes in the Hollywood genre. “The girls selected for these scenes were not professional models, but rather girls who conveyed a strong persona and had the ability to act out an emotion in front of the camera, such as anger, confidence, jealousy, fear, vulnerability, passion, sadness, and rage,” explains Estelle.

The results were mind-blowing, at which point Estelle had an idea, “I thought: how do we create layers to our photography, and how do we create multidimensional photography? The answer was to bring on board artists.” She selected the artists carefully. Each had to have a unique style that would use the black and white photos they shot and create unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Estelle’s instinct and an eye for art were about to create a powerful partnership.

Estelle brought on board four of the most established artists in Canada to take the images and use them to create unique mixed media photography pieces in the individual style of each artist. Max Jamali, an artist who creates eccentric luxury art pieces, Peter Triantos, an internationally acclaimed contemporary artist and Anthony Riccardi, a multidisciplinary artist who showcases internationally.

The exclusive ‘Reve De Moi’ exhibit is available by private viewing only at Cabine by Nicolas Mellamphy, in downtown Toronto, Canada.

Contact Estelle Ohayon at 647-505-0420 for an appointment.



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