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 Chaarmz Magazine & Talent had the opportunity to select 12 Calender Models (2023-24) at the Swimsuit USA International competition in Cancun, Mexico.


The Calendar Models selected by Chaarmz Magazine & Talent, are featured in this digital calendar as follows:


July 2023 - LIZ KIRKNESS (Sydney, Australia)

August 2023 - EMILY RANDON (Club Luau, Texas)

September 2023 - SHAYRA MEDAL (Nicaragua)

October 2023 - NATALIE ROMANO (Pittsburg, Pennslyvania)

November 2023 - EMILY BOYD (Cotton Eyed Joe's, Knoxville, Tennessee)

December 2023 - KIANA DOBSON (Kingsville, Ontario, Canada)

January 2024 - CARLIE CARPENTER (Ibiza, Spain)

February 2024 - MINAJ BAKH (Montreal, Canada)

March 2024 - MELISSA FOSTER (Northern Ireland)

April 2024 - NATALIE LAUREN (Great Britain)

May 2024 - HANNAH WILCOXON (Frisco, Texas) 

June 2024 - GIGI CLICK (Columbus, Ohio)


We are extremely proud of all our Calender Models they put such great effort to compete in a very challenging yet fun competition at Swimsuit USA International. We would like you to buy the digital or print copy of Chaarmz Magazine & Talent Calender to support their cause and would like to continue publishing and printing this annual calendar with your support.


Thank you so very much. In anticipation, 


Chaarmz Magazine & Talent

Toronto | Miami | LA



IG: @chaarmzmagazine

Swimsuit USA Intl. 2023-24 Calendar Chaarmz Magazine

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