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Showcasing at The Grand Affair celebrating TIFF 2023, September 09, this priceless photograph taken by Kal Ata Khan is presented on a unique metal canvas with a frame.


Dawn Chubai - Toronto - 03.09.20 - Kal Ata Khan - Photo on 2ftx3ft Metallic Canvas.


Dawn Chubai is a television veteran with over 23 years of on-air experience. She has hosted cooking and real estate shows along with over 40,000 hours of live television in major media markets.


This photo printed on metal, was taken by Kal Ata Khan in TSC TV studios in Mississauga, ON on March 09th, 2020, right before Covid-19. The biggest takeaway from this shoot was the massive production facility, the renowned Canadian Designer, and the high positive energy Dawn possessed to make this happen. Dawn was featured on the Chaarmz Magazine Cover of Spring 2020, the landmark first issue of the Magazine.




Dawn Chubai - Toronto - 03.09.20 - Kal Ata Khan

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