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Showcasing at The Grand Affair celebrating TIFF 2023, September 09, this priceless photograph taken by Kal Ata Khan is presented on a unique metal canvas with a frame.


Dr. Ann Kaplan - Las Vegas - 05.08.22 - Kal Ata Khan - Photo on 2ftx3ft Metallic Canvas.


Dr. Ann Kaplan is a TV personality and star of The Real Housewives of Toronto. Ann Kaplan is the founder and CEO of Medicard. She is a Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Award winner (2000) who has developed a multi-million DASH dollar business serving thousands of physicians and tens of thousands of patients across the country.


The highlight of the photo was that it was taken in Las Vegas at a condo in the middle of the LV Strip. It was a luxurious setting and Dr. Ann was real fun to work with. The mood was light and the Designer outfit was glittering. The view was breathtaking and it really truly felt like an oasis amidst a hot summer day.





Dr. Ann Kaplan - Las Vegas - 05.08.22 - Kal Ata Khan

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