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CHAARMZ MAGAZINE proudly presents Fatima Rull on the cover of our Summer 2023 Miami Issue. This is a digital download only with complete content as seen in print. 


This issue includes content as follows:


Letter from the publisher, Kal Ata Khan


Feature Editorials by: Natalie Messina about Anna Oris, Chantel Elloway & Fatima Rull.


Motivation, Self Help & Wellness editorials by: Sarah Godbout, Laura Bilotta & Tiffany McLoed.


Fashion, Beauty & Style editorials by: Heather Stockley, Kimberley Ross & Natalie Messina


Art, Media & Photography content by: Kal Ata Khan


Home, Travel & Lifestyle editorials by: Sam McDadi, Gina Switzeny


Hope you all enjoy this very special issue of Chaarmz Magazine.


Thank you so very much. In anticipation, 


Chaarmz Magazine & Talent

Toronto | Miami | LA



IG: @chaarmzmagazine

Fatima Rull Miami Summer 2023

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