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Showcasing at The Grand Affair celebrating TIFF 2023, September 09, this priceless photograph taken by Kal Ata Khan is presented on a unique Silver-metallic canvas with a frame.


Joan Kelley Walker - Toronto - 08.13.20 - Kal Ata Khan - Photo on 2ft x 3ft Metallic Canvas.


Joan Kelley Walker is a TV personality and star of The Real Housewives of Toronto, as well as an avid supporter of youth by being an ambassador for World Vision and having sat as chair of United Way York Region's Women's Leadership Council.


This photo printed on metal was taken by Kal Ata Khan at a luxury spa location in Richmond Hill, ON; on August 13th, 2020. The highlight of this photo is that it was taken a day after the first COVID-19 restrictions were removed, also part of the photo shoot were the renowned Canadian Designers. Joan was an inspiration, pleasant to work with, and very creative. Joan was featured on the Chaarmz Magazine Cover of Fall  2020, the landmark first issue of the Magazine post COVID-19.


About the Photographer; Kal Ata Khan

Meet the awarded and decorated photographer, film director, and painter listed at the Louvre Museum, Paris seconded by the Government of Pakistan through the Gazette dated November 02, 2021. Additionally, Kal is the founder, publisher, and lead photographer of a Toronto, Miami & LA-based Chaarmz Lifestyle Magazine. Also accredited as the First Pakistani photographer to be archived at the prestigious  BMW Museum, Germany, and the Smithsonian Institute, USA.


In the past, Six Operas have been enacted through the Orchestral ensemble at the Harvard Memorial Church & at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. The participating institutions were Harvard, Harvard-Radcliff Institute, and the School of Fine Arts, Paris, France. In these operas, the poetical verses from Kal’s published book, “Islands of Desire” were employed to propel the strings of the Concert Master.


Through his photography work in this series, you can glance through his true mastery of capturing emotion through the camera lens. The works in this series, are dedicated to Kal’s training in the research of Motion Picture Photography at the IVY league school, the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, USA.


Kal is the founder & CEO of Chaarmz Magazine & Talent. Kal is immensely passionate about personal stories that move one’s heart and soul in the most artistic manner. Through Chaarmz Magazine, he thrives to accomplish the same.




Joan Kelley Walker - Toronto - 08.13.20 - Kal Ata Khan

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