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Chaarmz Magazine

Spring 2021 Issue

Features include:



9.     Letter from the Publisher 

by Kal Ata


Cover Story


38.     Dr. Ann Kaplan - Live Without Limitation 

By Janice Ronan


    Health and Wellness


10.     Awaken with Spring in 5 Steps

    By Bojana Dee


29.     Fitness - Resilience is Key

    By Kristen Mittelman


48.     4 Myths of Happiness Busted by a Happiness Doctor

By Dr. Gillian Mandich 


50.    Ask Dr. Nadia, N.D.; our Naturopathic Doctor


54.    Fitness - Lockout Lockdown Lethargy

    by Nyla Fuller


72.    Finding Happiness by Being in the NOW.

By Teresa Greco


Fashion and Style


12.    Give Me The Digits

    The Most Sought-After Nail Trends For Spring ‘21

    By MyLan Mary - Araujo


46.     From the Future, For the Future - Lab Grown Diamonds

    By Analucia Beltran


56.    Dress Me Up To Fly - High Fashion Productions

    By Kal Ata


66.    Fashion Trends - SS21- A Season of Juxtaposition

By Janice Ronan


70.    Fashion Styling (Caption to be re-written by Janice)

    By Amie DiCarlo


Art, Media & Photography


14.     BUNEE 

By Diana Joleen


17.      The Randomness dePICTURE - Fashion Photography

    By Kal Ata


52.    Making Movie Moves 

By Jana Angel


Home & Lifestyle


27.     From BurnOUT to BloomING - Inspiring ways GARDENING has changed my life

    By Tamara Atzenwiler


32.    Custom Homes - It’s all in the details 

By Alkarim Shivji


34.    Interior Design and Mental Health

    By Amandeep Brar


64.    An Apple a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away!

    By Caroline Grenier


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