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Chaarmz Magazine Winter 2021-22 Issue is out!

This is our biggest issue yet with 100 pages of double UV quoted luxurious high quality print. Order today!

In this issue:

Cover & Feature story - Carl Wolf interview by Yuliya Shcherban

Other editorials, stories & features include:

-Manifest Abundance by Bojana Dee

-Josh Hy the artist by Shira Karney

-The Randomness dePicture photography by Kal Ata

-Holiday Wellness Tips by Nyla Fuller

-The Curated Closed by Cassandra Elizabeth

-Fashion is Armour by Amie DiCarlo

-Leveraging Home Equity by Mith Krystantos

-Holiday Decorating by Amandeep Brar

-Your Cover Experience (Charlene Farnsworth) by Teresa Greco

-Kosmos Couture Flying Solo by Hillary LeBlanc

-Better for You Era of Entertainment by Alli Mang

-Queen Equesterian (Natasha Sonja) by Hillary LeBlanc

-How to turn Pain into Power by Jennifer Baglione

-A new kind of Romance by Analucia Beltran

-Pets + Happiness by Dr. Gillian Mandich

-Iron & Health by Dr. Nadia Rizzo

-From Pain to Pleasure by Naailah Auladin

-Dress me up to Shine fashion photography by Kal Ata

-Television, adventures & the arts- Nicole Servinis - Feature Story

-A storyteller empowering others - Charlot Daysh - Feature Story

-Using Winter to your Advantage - Michell Barker

-Melt in your Mouth - Fettuccine Alfredo by Nadia Cerelli-Fiore

-Style Encore by Jackie Ricci

-Best Skin for the Holiday's by Kimberley Ross

-Superpower Tomatoes by Caroline Grenier

-Chef Jason Grenci by Beth Stern

-How to deal with Emptiness by Dr. Elena Brei, PhD

-Hardballing by Shira Karney

-Jewellery Design Awards by Anita Agarwal

-Fashion Design's Science & Technology by Charlette Padilla

-Black & Gold by Lucy Abate

-Happiness is Giving of Yourself to Others by Teresa Greco



Winter 2021-22 Issue

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