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Making Movie Moves

Video production has come a long way in the world and these days, it's all about making movie moves in the digital space. Video allows you to create beautiful and cinematic visuals that share the story behind your brand, business, event, or experience. No year has shown us the value of video more than 2020.

Look at the explosion of Reels and Tik Tok, these platforms challenged content creators to produce fun and engaging experiences in just a few clips, illustrating that you don’t always need a 4 hour infomercial to get your brand’s point across.

Short, sweet, and cinematic is the name of the game! When you are vying for the elusive eyeballs of a customer in the digital space, you have to make the scrolling stop! A recent survey conducted by YouTube revealed that over 50% of millennials and Gen Z relied so heavily on video, they claimed that they don’t know how they would get through life without it. Stopping the scroll is never easy, but adding video content to your marketing strategy will not only attract views, it will also increase conversion, build trust with your audience, give useful information in an entertaining way, and everyone’s favorite- increase ROI!

Now, where to start? Discuss the following questions with your team internally - create a seamless search, to the hiring process when choosing your production crew.

  • Where will this video content live? (Instagram, website home page, broadcast commercial etc.)

  • Who is our target audience for this video campaign? (“Everybody” is not the answer)

  • What is the call to action we want to convey with this video?

  • What marketing spend can we allow for this production?

Nailing down these key elements prior to pre-production will ensure that you have a clear request for your video team, and you can be confident your production will yield deliverables you can utilize in your marketing and PR efforts.

I always recommend shooting with the most evergreen mindset possible so content is not dated and can continuously be repurposed. This way, every additional shoot will start building a digital library to grow your brand identity. I also highly suggest working with a videographer AND photographer to further build a library of your own native content that will serve as your brand’s personal “stock” imagery. This will constantly echo your brand, your teammates, your workspace, and your business to viewers.

There are many elements to good video production, I truly believe the key to GREAT production is CARE. Find a creative team that will cheer for you and your brand long after the final edit is delivered!

Jana Angel

Executive Producer

The Posh Theory




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