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Stand By Your Brand!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Fact: Giving Up Is EASY.

What isn't easy is showing up everyday for yourself, for your business, and for your brand. What isn't easy is working when others are playing, missing moments we won’t get back, and pushing yourself further out of your comfort zone every-single-day. All of these challenges and triumphs you face create YOUR STORY. Often, when brands come to me for video services, I hear, “We don’t really have a story to share.” I am here to tell you that you do! Every brand, every person, every place, has a story that matters. Let's talk about ways to build your brand story so you can start connecting with new clients that are looking for you!

Here are some easy brainstorm starters:

  • What problem were you solving when you created your brand or business?

    • Ex: I started my video production business because there wasn’t a local lesion that could coordinate every aspect of digital advertising my clients needed and I wanted to bring back the one-stop-shop approach to full scale visual marketing.

  • Where did you start?

    • Ex: I started with a $15.00 green screen from Amazon and camera from Craigslist, in my guest bedroom, that frankly prompted a LOT of questions when people came over.


  • Who were you trying to reach?

    • Ex: I wanted to reach business owners that needed video storytelling and distribution, but didn’t have the time or staff to take on such large scale productions and promotion

  • Where are you now?

    • Ex: Now I am a full time freelancer with my own production company that creates videos for brands and businesses internationally!

Simple building blocks like these all create the texture and tenacity of YOUR brand. Remember that, YOUR BRAND. You built this, and it is your job to stand by your brand! Standing by your brand doesn't just mean sharing on social media and getting your name out there. It also means standing by the principals, priorities, and prices you set for yourself. When I started out it was incredibly difficult for me to talk about money and boundaries, but through growth in my own story, I now know my worth and how valuable my time and talents are. You will be challenged, you will have doubts, it will be hard, but I promise you- investing love and faith in yourself and in your brand will always be worth it. Be proud of where you came from, and relentless in where you are going.

Until next time readers… Share Your Story and Stand By Your Brand.

By: Jana Angel

@jana.k.angel IG

Founder of The Posh Theory

Photography: Elevated Media


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