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VLOG: Taking Digital Media to New Heights

Updated: Apr 11, 2023




VLOG Text:

If anyone has ever dabbled in the world of digital media, your mission has probably been to keep up with the masses: anyone, everyone, and all of them! It is easy to feel overwhelmed when working with new brands and partnerships to figure out how to first, set yourself apart and make them choose you, and second, how you are going to help that new partner set themselves apart in their industry.

When I started in the broadcast communications industry, someone saw me and said, “I don’t know what your story is, but I noticed you. So, what’s your story?” At 6’3 and always in heels, I literally stand heads above most in my industry, but my story is what sets me apart. Don’t get me wrong, my height helps, but it is not what got me to where I am in the industry, my story did.

The story that leads up to the creation of a business or a brand is just as important as the product and services they provide in the present. I share this to help others trying to navigate their way in digital and broadcast media because you have to get viewers to look up from their lives at what you are doing, then you get to tell them your story. Often there is a clash between the data-driven side of marketing and the creative side when in actuality, you need both to find your tribe online. The creatives have to develop an aesthetic that speaks to your target audience and data-driven tools that can reach their arms around the town, city, or world to find a specific viewership.

If you want to support a brand as an ambassador, social media content provider, influencer, marketing manager, etc., to truly be an authentic reflection of that brand, you have to: know the story, do the research, talk to the people that make the business work, and know the customers that visit and the community that surrounds that business. The hardest thing to do in branding is picking a lane because naturally, we want to be everything to everyone, but more is sometimes just more, and it can overwhelm your audience.

How to find your tribe online:

● Ask yourself or the brand you are working with, WHAT problem are you solving?

● When you answer that question, then ask yourself, WHO experiences this problem?

WHERE are these individuals with this problem?

These three questions will help you and your brand partners develop a strategy to target a specific group that will become your core customer, and they will not only purchase your product or service, but they will become your organic digital growth. These questions are not always easy to answer, but once you can answer them for your brand partners, it will simplify your customer search significantly. I encourage anyone striving to work in digital or broadcast communications to actively listen to your partners, create intentional and targeted efforts, and become a great storyteller! These simple things can take your digital media messaging to new heights!

Jana Angel

Digital and Television Broadcasting Journalist




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