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The Art of Music

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The Art of Music by Josh Hyman

As the summer season draws to a close, the art season seems only to be getting started. I recently had the pleasure of receiving an invitation to an art gallery located in the heart of Little Italy. The Local Art Gallery is located at 621 College St, Toronto. Beautifully tucked away on one of the most vibrant lively streets in the city, The Local Art Gallery has its own unique aura that captivates the imagination of the local community, drawing in anyone that crosses their entrance.

The Art of Music curated by The Local Art Gallery, was an exhibition of music theme art from local artists displaying their creative expressions of music icons – past and present – that influence and inspire people every day.

It was very delightful sitting down with a few artists hearing how music influenced their art and how to see the icons of today and yesterday. Some responses were: “I want to make these icons a part of someone’s everyday life”. “Music is the heart to the soul of the visual”. “Depending on the artist I’m listening to, music will dictate the selection of my color palette.”

Toronto is steaming with fabulous visual artists on the rise, and I got the pleasure to meet some of the exceptional artists I would like to bring to your attention. (Instagram handles are in the brackets, be sure to follow and connect with the works that speak to you):

Josh Hy (@thedezinr), Jibola Fagbamiye (@jibolastudios), Peter Andrew Lusztyk (@peter_andrew_lusztyk), Abriella Sammy (@abriellasammy), Nashid Chroma (@nashid.chroma), Mahyar Amiri (@itsmahyar), JBV Creative (@jbvcreative), Elle Poppo (@elle.poppo), Mony Zakhour (@monyzak_), Jimmy Chiale (@jimmychiale) and Peppy Colours (@peppy_colours).

Check out the Local Art Gallery for upcoming exhibitions.



Instagram: @the_local_gallery

These artists are gifted in various disciplines and styles guaranteed to provoke creativity and joy within your soul.

Art is one of the most important styling cues for any interior space. It sets the tone, communicates who you are, brings value to the property and personal expression.

Purchasing original art is an object made by the hand of the artist and it is unique. No one else will have this piece. When you purchase original art you become part of a creative journey, and now have the opportunity, through talking with the artist or gallerist, to better understand the artist’s inspiration and techniques.

By buying original art you are supporting the artists within your community. The richness of our artistic expression as a culture truly depends on artists being able to support themselves as they create original artwork.

My suggestion, buy what you love and plan to enjoy it for the many years to come.

Josh Hy

Instagram: @thedezinr



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