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The New Way of Travelling.

“Life is an adventure and traveling is in our DNA,” says Tatiana Kunitskaya, who does booking for yachts and planes charters and has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a 43’ Sailing Vessel with her partner during Covid in 2020.

When Covid hit, the demand for private boating and sailing charters became very high – people were bored and wanted to have fun with their “bubble”. What could be better than having fun on the water under the sun?

What Covid taught us is that we don’t want to be tied to one place. We still want to travel and explore life, after sitting home for so long even more than before! We just want to be smart and safe. Similar to how our life changed after Covid, our traveling needs also changed and the industry had to accommodate it.

Private planes became in high demand with Covid due to new safety requirements, stress, and unreliability traveling on commercial planes. With a private charter you have more control over it, more flexibility, it’s safe and hustle-free! Imagine traveling stress-free, saving time, and skipping lines in the airport. Booking a private plane charter can save you from headaches!

The demand for private charter continues to grow – for both private boating and plane charters. Time is the most precious commodity. Now, add safety and stress-free to it and it becomes the winning formula. It gives you peace of mind to know that you will be taken care of and have everything under control. This includes recommendations to help you choose the right yacht, captain, menu (if required), and itinerary.

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It’s the one-stop destination for all your needs – whether it’s a sunset tour on Friday Harbor or Lake Ontario or sailing on a private luxury Catamaran in the Caribbean. It can be a city sightseeing plane tour over Toronto or Miami or even a private jet from Canada to the US.


“This year, we have huge plans to launch a platform for booking private yachts, planes, helicopters, and private tours. It's like the Airbnb platform but for boating and plane experiences," - Tatiana.

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