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3...2...1.. Blast Off: Michael Lombard’s “International Fashion Designer of the Year” Award

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

3...2...1.. Blast Off: Michael Lombard’s Intergalactic Psychedelic Collection Wins Him “International Fashion Designer of the Year” Award

Once again, Michael Lombard has blown away his audience with an ever more imaginative and creative collection. His Intergalactic Psychedelic collection made its debut at VIE fashion week in Dubai on July 1st, 2021

Lombard had the pleasure of hosting thegrand finale of VIE fashion week’s opening day. However, the audience wanted more, and the fashion designer conceded. For those who missed the designer’s performance on the first night ofthe fashion extravaganza, Lombard also hosted the premium spot of the closing night.

Models were dressed inan array of fabrics and materials, showcasing looks that could not be mistaken for any other than Michael Lombard’s signature style. Although the designer loves to play with luxurious materials, he is unafraid todo so in a new and innovative way. In the Intergalactic Psychedelic collection, there is a jacket, shoe, dress, or pant, to suit every taste. Lombard has proven that leather doesn’t have to be black, dull, or boring. He adorns his leather garments with otherworldly silhouettes, edgy studs, and vivacious colors.


The closing look for the opening night, sported by the beautiful Veronika Ostrovska, was a gold and black leather jumpsuit. The bodysuit washeld up with leather belted straps and the look waspolished off with a crisscrossed chain. Michael’s attention to detail is privyin the stylingand even the model’s manicure is an intensely thought-out decision. The model’s neck is adorned with a golden and spiked choker. Her golden leather boots are pairedwithstriped stockings and her hair is tied back in a sleek ponytail, detracting attention from her face, and focusing the spectator’s gaze onto her outfit

The Michael Lombard show would be incomplete without a celebrity appearance. Lombard is renowned for dressing some of the world’s biggest celebrities, such as Bebe Rexha, Rico Nasty, and Lele Pons. Therefore, it’s only natural that the hottest reality tv couple of the moment, Kelsea and Cole Moscatel, made an appearance at Lombard’s show. The designer wowedthe audience with his latest and most eclectic collection. So much so that they awarded him with the “International Fashion Designer of the Year” award. His work over the past year has been both captivating and consistent, but who knows whatthe designer has in store next?

Michael is the true definition of a creative. His workas a fashion designer provesthat there is no need to confine creativity. Leather is not constrained to the color black,and inventive silhouettes are not restricted to notions ofgender. In Michael Lombard’s world, everyone is entitled to expression. Designs are large, extravagant, and otherworldly. It’s now clear that the designs of Michael Lombard may have originated on the streets of the concrete jungle, but presently, they are recognized on a worldwide scale. His garments can be styled up or down, but most importantly, they mold themselves to their wearer.

What we have seen so far from this talented New York fashion designer is impressive and original. Lombard has set an extremely high bar for himself, so we are eager to see what else the King of Leather has hidden uphis studdedsleeves.

Credits: Photographer: VIE Fashion week Models: Olive Grace David Ariel Kelsea Moscatel Cole Moscatel Jessica Baumann Robyn McMillan Schirin Thoma Lead MUA: Emma Bright MUA Team: Aofmakeup MUA Sponsors: Lord and Berry Benny Hancock For Men Hair: Dani Hiswani The Armani Nail Designer: Nails by Kr Headpieces: Michael Lombard

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