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Jilldeen Ezeudu, making a statement internationally!

From Toronto to New York, the Caribbean Islands to Italy, Jilldeen Ezeudu is crossing international borders within the world of Fashion and Pageantry. Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, Jilldeen started her modeling journey by competing and achieving the title of The Face of African Fashion Week 2019; representing the African Fashion Week organization from 2019-2021.

Miss Progress Canada 2023
Miss Progress Canada 2023

In the same year, she walked in Toronto Fashion Week and published a cover and six spread article in a popular local magazine. Since then, she’s walked in 2022 New York Fashion Week and has been on the cover and spreads of multiple international and local magazines throughout the years. She continues to produce commercial, runway, and editorial work for various brands in considerable niches. Her ability to adapt in front and behind the lens has been an incredible attribute to her success thus far.

Graduating from the University of Ottawa with Bachelors in Business Commerce, Specialization in Human Resources Management, her passion has always been to make others aware of their fundamental rights in the workforce. She has attained influential positions in both the private and public sector to ensure Canadians and immigrants from all diasporas receive fair treatment by implementing departmental changes to create equal opportunities for all workers. She states it’s important to acknowledge your work environment and create a positive space to bring forth a rewarding outcome. Her genuine passion to provide resources and education to individuals keeps her grounded in her professional and personal endeavors.

Jilldeen Ezeudu
Jilldeen Ezeudu

Competing in Miss Universe Canada 2022 and ranking top 10 in her first pageant experience, Jilldeen is now representing Canada in Women for Progress, Miss Progress International Pageant taking place in Puglia, Italy this September. Miss Progress International has dedicated 14 years to promote artistic talent, Italian history and women from all parts of the world. They strive to share their passion of Italian traditions and represent a multidisciplinary community in entertainment, leadership, journalism, and entrepreneurism.

By taking part in such a grand pageant she’s ready to take on the stage and discuss her humanitarian project regarding a human rights issue plaguing her country. As a first generation Canadian, coming from Afro-Caribbean decent; and with her work experience in Human Resource Management, she has seen biasness and prejudice affect people in unjust ways. In 2020 she started a podcast called ‘Join The Discussion.’ It allows people from different walks of life to come together in a judgment free panel style format sharing their personal experiences and knowledge on a given subject. The exercise of active listening is practiced, while discussing a range of essential topics. Season one focused on the injustice of Black lives within institutional structures; season two highlighted the importance of mental health and mental illness in privilege and non privilege communities.

Making a statement internationally
Miss Progress Canada 2023

Her project for Miss Progress International is focusing on discrimination of marginalized groups within the Canadian workforce. Using her social media platforms, the podcast strives to provide a comfortable space for strangers to become friends; by realizing they have more similarities than differences even if they derive from different ethnicities, cultures, or practice altering religions. The more open we are in sharing our experiences; the more receptive we are to learning, embracing truths and breaking stereotypes some face day to day. With the pageant days away, she is looking forward to hearing the other candidate’s humanitarian efforts and hopefully collaborate to solve bigger issues in today’s society. Meeting strong women from around the world is a humbling experience and to appreciate their beauty in an uplifting way is powerful.

Canadian Pageant Girl
Jilldeen Ezeudu

Looking forward to bringing the final crown back home to Canada, Jilldeen is anticipating her next project to tackle. Whether it’s growing her wellness food venture or teaming up with Chaarmz Magazine and Talent for growth and community involvement, she is most proud to have a caring support system and community wishing her well and success.

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