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Are you 'Tired' of Your Living Room?

If you’re feeling ‘tired’ of your living room, then it may be time to redecorate! Sprucing up a ‘tired’ living room will definitely give your spirit a lift! But where do you start?

Well, as the song goes, “Let’s start at the very beginning!” And the beginning of any new decorating project is the creation of a master plan – one that will help guide you through all the decorating decisions you’ll be making over the coming months.

First of all, determine how much you are interested in investing in your project. This figure will be a great help to you as it will guide all your decisions. Should you buy new furniture, flooring, draperies, lamps, accessories? Or can you keep some pieces, buy a few new, and spruce up what you’re keeping.

Once you’ve established a figure you’re comfortable with, then it’s time to take an inventory of your room – an inventory with a critical eye. This is where the help of a professional decorator can be very important.

Take a look at your room. What is it used for? How much traffic does it get? Is it a sanctuary or a room which will welcome many guests? How is the room’s lighting? Do you like your current furniture arrangement? Do you need to change the wall colour or treatment? Are your window treatments dated? These questions and many more can go on and on. By sharing your thoughts with a professional, you’ll definitely be on the right track – both with your ultimate decorating decisions and your budget!

After you’ve answered these critical questions, you can begin making some firm decisions about the four major elements in the room – flooring, walls, windows, and furniture.

Flooring options are wide and varied. If new carpeting is in your plan, remember that it will provide your room with the greatest expanse of color.

Wall option selections, whether papered or painted, this will give the room its excitement and splash.

Window Treatments can either take center stage or be a soft backdrop to your entire design plan. There is nothing, dollar for dollar, that can do more for a room than a beautifully designed window treatment.

As for furniture, whether wood or upholstered, it offers beauty and comfort that will also help pull all your design elements together when blended well with flooring, wall, and window treatments.

With your master plan leading the way – decorating your tired living room should become a real pleasure!

Amandeep Brar

Owner, Director of Design

Ritu Brar Designs, Decorating Den Interiors

(416) 832-7543

Facebook and Instagram accounts @decoratingdenritu



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