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Awaken With Spring in 5 Easy Steps

Spring represents new beginnings and is considered a time of great awakening. Coming out of winter hibernation, it provides an opportunity to arouse enthusiasm for what’s to come next and awaken the limitless possibilities that are in front of us. It is a time for rejuvenation, offering a blank canvas to paint a new story. What will yours be?

What can you do to use this new spring beginning to create a fulfilled, present and a prosperous future?

1. Take Inventory of Your Current Life

Are you happy and fulfilled in your home, in your job/career, in your relationships, and with yourself? Take note of any areas you wish to improve. Journaling comes in really handy - writing down what you feel could bring your life more balance and joy!

2. Set Daily Goals & Intentions

Create a list of daily goals you would like to achieve that will create more joy in your life. What can you do today to feel fulfilled? Focus on the present moment. Remember to keep your goals simple and realistic. It’s more important to achieve one goal each day, than to keep a long list of goals you never achieve.

3. Honour Yourself

Life is hectic and self-care and self-compassion tend to sit at the bottom of the list. Just for today, do one loving and nurturing deed for yourself. Honour your body, mind and soul with simple acts of kindness; like nutritious meals & exercise. Reading, writing, or other forms of creativity, meditation and connection to your inner world. Then repeat it daily!

4. Connect to Your Tribe & Community

Are you showing up for your relationships and helping your community thrive? Create ways to show you value and acknowledge important relationships in your life. This may also be a time to release and let go of relationships that are no longer serving your highest good. Be true in your expression and dedication to yourself, and those around you. Alone we can go faster, together we can go further, but with the right tribe the sky is our limit. Choose them wisely and nurture them endlessly.

5. Tap into Your Creativity & Soul’s Purpose

What is your passion? What moves you? What motivates you? What inspires you?

The answer to these questions are the key ingredients on your soul journey. In order to connect with your purpose, connect with the passion and creativity within you. Start a new project, enroll in a new class, join a new community. Spring is a time to start anew, do something NEW today. It all starts with one simple step.

Every new beginning offers an opportunity to release old patterns and start fresh using the wisdom gained during the deep winter inner introspection. Remember to bring that awareness with you and use it to break old cycles. The time is now. Empower yourself with strength & courage to take the necessary steps in order to live a life you truly want. Remember, it’s a journey not a race, so take the time to smell the flowers, marvel at the sky, and connect to the stars, ground with the earth and flow with the rivers. Above all, be present.

Bojana Dee

Bojana Dee is a Master Energy Healer, Self-Mastery Expert, Registered Aromatherapist and Reiki Master. She is the owner of Divine Remedy Virtual Healing Center focused on creating a spiritual and wellness community for those on their journey to healing, awakening and bettering themselves.

IG: @divine.remedy

FB: @divine.remedy.healing




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