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Clarity & Conviction: Cassandra Elizabeth, Industry Insider

Fashion is a narrative, a direct reflection of both culture and society.

Toronto based designer, CASSANDRA ELIZABETH is creating a new definition of sustainable leadership – one that is rooted in inclusivity, accessibility, quality and longevity. Her purpose is to bring more responsible clothing options to Canada, committed to offering ethical essentials and simplicity you can sustain.

Operating with the practise of leaving things behind better than you found them, Cassandra candidly recounts her prestigious experience as an FGI NYC Rising Star finalist, gives us a glimpse of her personal style and hints at the magical mix of creating a culture and community connection.

How would you define your personal style?

A polished yet grungy style…basically, like my latest album is about to drop.

Is there a specific designer/subculture or scene that inspires you?

Definitely Japanese street culture - specifically, the ‘matching couples’ trend.

I’ve also always been drawn to Scandinavian interior design. There is beauty in clean lines and minimal aesthetic.

You’re always thinking of new ways to make and do. You’re a do-er, constantly making strategic moves. To what do you attribute that skill?

I’m only a do-er when it comes to my business. I am super passionate about my company and making sure it is successful. When I have a plan in my mind, I do what I can to execute it. Normally I have many ideas, but I only tell the ideas to the public when I know I will be able to achieve them.

Congratulations on your recent FGI NYC ‘Rising Star’ nomination - The Oscars of the fashion industry - presented by legendary Designer Rick Owens and his wife Michelle Lamy. You were the only Canadian finalist. No small feat by any stretch. How would you describe the experience.

It was such an honour to be recognized by an organization in the states as I am based in Toronto. I truly loved the whole process and the cherry on top was the fact that one of my fashion icons, Rick Owens was the one to introduce each nominee in my category.

What are you most proud of and why? To what do you contribute to your success?

Sticking to CE’s core values throughout the brand’s evolution has always been important to me. The label emerged as sustainable womenswear and I have remained true to that vision throughout the last 6 years. I’m very proud that all CASSANDRA ELIZABETH pieces are ethically made in Canada and that the overall brand message remains the same. Now to answer the second part of the question – what success? Just kidding! Passion, it’s definitely passion.

A good staple in your wardrobe should be universal!

Cassandra Elizabeth


Written by: Janice Ronan




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