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Crystal Vision

Last year as COVID shook the world, we found ourselves falling into a “2020” mindset (not to be confused with 20/20 vision). We temporarily lost our sight - now, we are ready to restore it and get back on track.

Some people start their new year with resolutions, and lists of goals. I like to start my year by enlisting my creative side and making a “vision board” - a collection of images that you envision for your life. It is a great way to stay on track with your plans and priorities.

If you are wondering where to start, begin with a list of goals, envision them for yourself and from there, the fun begins. Cut out pictures from old magazines, books, or print from online - anywhere you gain inspiration from will do. Anything and everything goes - whatever you would like to have, or make happen in your life begins with a vision. Take your images and put them on a canvas, wall, board, or in a journal.

Goals can be narrowed down to themes, a set time frame, or general objectives you are ready to set out and accomplish, have, see or do. Some ideas include; fitness, life, family, personal growth, career, education, travel, bucket list, business or financial goals etc. - the list is literally limitless!

Vision boards are exciting to create, they can be as big or as small as you would like. Hosting a vision board party is a sure way to have lots of fun - creating and discussing your goals with your closest friends. Little ones love to participate too - sit down and ask them what they would like to see in their future, for their future selves, have them create one as well. A great family activity, vision boarding teaches children that it is never too early to aim high.

As their popularity has risen, there is now a National Vision Board Day - it falls on the second Saturday in January every year. The board is there to remind you of what you are working towards, or in the process of manifesting in your life. Be sure to put it somewhere you can see it every day. I like to surround mine with lights and fill them with quotes, mantras and photos that I apply to my life - it is something that you should take pride in.

My latest is a five year goal board, it includes places I would like to visit or return to, home renovation projects, personal growth, debt repayment plans, mental health care, financial goals and investment planning. It also includes a luxury car, and career manifestation - continuing to focus on the success of my business.

Imagine what your life will look like once you have manifested your visions, how good you will feel once you have reached your goals. It is your life you are creating, your vision - these are your dreams and your motivations.

What is on your vision board?

Tiffany McLoed



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