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Dino Archie: Vancouver's Comedy Gem!

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

When it comes to making people laugh, Dino Archie has a knack for turning ordinary moments into bursts of hilarity. Hailing from the city of Vancouver, this comedian is not just a master of stand-up but also a maestro of mirth. Chaarmz had the pleasure of sitting down with him recently to peel back the layers of his comedic genius and to find out where he is performing next.

Can you tell us about your journey into comedy? What inspired you to become a comedian, and how did you get started? Dino: My friend signed me up for an open mic and then asked me to host his show in a bowling alley outside of Los Angeles. Laughing at everything is something I've always done so doing comedy makes sense for me.

Vancouver has a unique comedy scene. How has the city influenced your comedy style and career? Dino: Vancouver is great because it leaves you alone. It's a lonely city and comedians need that. It has enough of that city feel without being a bullsh*t city, and crowds virtue signal with their reactions so it keeps you honest.

What can audiences expect from your current tour? Any particular themes or topics you're exploring in your stand-up? Dino: This tour is about exploring just how petty each group of humans are. Whatever title we identify as, is petty. These differences should be taken seriously but also laughed at. So, it's about creating a safe space to laugh at those differences and also celebrate them too.

Comedy often involves dealing with different audiences and reactions. Can you share some memorable moments or challenges you've faced while performing on tour? Dino: It's never really that difficult. If you have something to say they'll listen and if they're too drunk and litty, then good for them. I roll with it.

Who are some of your comedic influences and role models, both within and outside the world of stand-up comedy?

Dino: My grandfather was my biggest role model and a very solid, stand up man - a rare human. Dick Gregory, he knew everything. Patrice O'Neal, brilliant and thrived in the smoke. Richard Pryor, beloved comedy genius. Tupac, a revolutionary and leader of a generation. Katt Williams, underappreciated original. There are more..

Stand-up comedy can be a tough profession. How do you handle hecklers or tough crowds while performing on tour?

Dino: listen to them then I roast them.

As a touring comedian, you've likely travelled to various cities and venues. Can you share some of your favourite places or moments from your tours?

Dino: [The] lockdown changed everything. A lot of cities lost their magic but they're trying to get it back. I'm digging going to other countries like Belize, Cuba, Sweden, Iceland, etc.

What advice do you have for aspiring comedians, especially those looking to break into the comedy scene in Vancouver?

Dino: Just do it and don't take too much advice.

Can you describe your creative process when developing new material? How do you come up with fresh, funny ideas?

Dino: Try to not be depressed. Nothing is funny when you're depressed. But when you're feeling alright anything can be funny. It's all a state of mind.

What upcoming venues and locations can people find you at next?

Dino: I'll be at the Laugh Shop in Calgary on Sept 28th-30th and the Westside Theater in Santa Monica Oct 13th - only 80 seats available.

To book tickets to see Dino perform, visit Instagram @dinothebelove

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