Ethically Engaged in an Era of Fast Fashion!

Cassandra Burrell is a sustainability advocate and designer of Cassandra Elizabeth, a responsible fashion brand based in Toronto, Canada

Let’s talk ethics, or in this case, your moral principles when it comes to fashion. Do you ever stop to consider how much pollution your wardrobe has caused or who made your clothing and where? It’s a lot to think about and quite honestly with all the fast fashion powerhouses feeding the public with misleading information, it’s also discouraging. I’m here to break it down for you and let you know that if you are considering switching to a responsible way of shopping, it is possible and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

There are multiple boxes to check when shopping for sustainable fashion. Many consumers are asking is this “good” or “bad” however, there are degrees to sustainability, and the best we can do is check off as many boxes as possible. Here are some questions you can ask when shopping at your favourite stores.




“Where was this made?”

“What are the working conditions of the factory this was made in?”

“Where does this fabric come from?”

“What is the environmental impact of your fabric?”

“How is the fabric dyed?”

“Do you know who is involved in every part of the supply chain?”

“What do you do with the garments that don’t sell or are returned or damaged?