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Flashy Outfit and the Flash Light!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten!!!




The dream of a fashion photographer is to capture all the glitter and vibrancy from any outfit, jewellery or elements in studio. While shooting for our NYU Tisch school of the arts project with the very exquisite model @adrianarunee Adriana Renee, our goal was just that.

Adriana had the Gold and Black outfit on and it was glitter all over. We setup a soft box to minimize reflection and also an umbrella to through in a bit of back light away from the dress on to the back of her hair. It was a great experience working with Adriane as well since she had tons of experience posing in different especially low light situations since she does a lot of artsy photoshoots.

The photoshoot went well and the images came out pretty intense. We were able to capture the subtle look and enhance the details of the dress.

In post, we enhanced the light and dark areas through dodge and burn and used techniques like blemish removal, adding a background and dimming it along with colour correction, sharpening and much more. Please leave your comments and let us know if you approve of the artistry in these images.

Looking forward to reading your comments and working with Adriana again soon.

In anticipation,

Kal Ata @km.ata

Lead Photographer @chaarmzstudio



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