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Give me the Digits: The Most Sought-After Nail Trends for Spring 2021

MyLan is an editorial manicurist and CND Education Ambassador for SHELLAC. She is the Salon Director and owner of You & Me Nail Spa, Oakville - she has worked with Toronto Fashion Week and Rogers Cup. Her celebrity clientele includes; Dr. Ann Kaplan, Shaileen Woodley and Jessica Mulroney.

There has never been a time in history when the signs of Spring have been more welcome. Spring brings hope, a new beginning after the darkness of winter - it is when colour enters our lives.

We respond to colour! Our colour choices; interior surroundings and what we wear, all express our emotions and desires. Just as primary colours can stimulate, cozy pastels will appeal to our search for comfort. Their various, subtle shades are inviting.

CND’s new spring collection has that all covered, "The Colors of you" collection includes stunning pastels that promise positivity and encourage authenticity.

Nail Tips (Pun Intended)

It’s easy and simple to incorporate a nail art technique (game changer), using different colours. Try a french tip or an abstract squiggle - use your favorite cool pinky, cotton cream nude (designed for all your virtual social events). Take it even further by adding an extra vibrant, warm shade of coral or a warm nude with hints of fresh peach. A cheerful soft yellow will lift everyone's spirits. Be on trend - I suggest trying a blue pastel periwinkle to take you out of your comfort zone. It is such a flattering colour for every skin tone.

Get In Shape

Shape is important too. Modest trends that are simple such as; geometric, quartz and marble will continue to grow (pun intended here too), but if you are using a bolder shape (like a squival, square or rounded edge), try a light grey color to balance the look. We’ve been wearing almond shapes for so many years (womanly and enduring), but remember, we have choices and nail shape and colour are amongst them.

Playing Favourites

The trend I love most (which has emerged, and been in the spotlight this past year) is nail care. Cuticle oil is the key, but sanitization (like everything now) is important to consider. This is not new, for twenty years I have been reminding my clients to push their cuticles back rather than cut them. This preserves the rectitude of your nail bed and helps fight off bacteria. With COVID-19 lockdown measures in place, many people did what they never thought they would and according to my clients, the unthinkable - they turned to doing their own nails. That in itself was okay (DIY nails), but resulted in a little nail care neglect. If you are going to DIY, remember to push (don’t cut) and use CND Solar cuticle oil once a day (or more)- keeping your nail beds hydrated. This Award-winning cuticle oil is infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E. It helps drive the nutrients in deeper, creating stronger, healthier nails and a hydrated cuticle area.

This year, as you step into the season of hope, put one pedicured foot in front of the other and nail it!

MyLan Mary - Araujo




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