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How to be a Perfect Model for a Fashion Photoshoot

Updated: May 21, 2021

The art of modelling not only requires great images but it also requires an amazing personality and a friendly, collaborative and professional attitude.

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Your images on a particular photoshoot is only a reflection of your personality, how you’re feeling that day and your coordination with the photographer, DOP, creative director and hair and makeup team (if any).

To preview the entire picture gallery, please visit !!!

We were doing a series of photoshoots for #nyuTisch school of the arts @chaarmzstudio and our first model was @modelheidikittle. Usually models have to get adjusted and it takes small talk to get them in the grove and create an environment that is relaxed and fun.

To preview the entire picture gallery, please visit !!!

This was our second shoot with @modelheidikittle and trust me I am so proud and happy to say that Heidi is one of the best models we’ve worked with. She showed up on time, and was ready to go. She set the tone with her pleasant personality and wearing a smile on her face throughout the shoot. These images reflects the creative collaboration and most importantly she listened and followed instructions to the dot. Our project lead and creative director for film @amoureux.ange was highly impressed. All in all the shoot was a great success as reflected in these images.

To preview the entire picture gallery, please visit !!!

Heidis mom sent us a thank you message after and all in all it was a fantastic experience working with @modelheidikittle. Kindly let us know what you think of the photoshoot in the comments section.

Another aspect of Heidi’s amazing work ethic was the coordination and concept clarity which I will discuss in a future post.

Looking forward to working with Heidi again soon.

In anticipation,

Kal Ata @km.ata

Lead Photographer @chaarmzstudio


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