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In Fitness and In Health, Fashion is Enduring !

Updated: May 21, 2021

Nikolina Nedic is a fitness enthusiast, a Karate Black Belt Swimming Instructor, a Folk Dancer & a Volleyball Player. Her accolades are beyond impressive and her commitment to sports, the arts and now fashion, at her young age of 18 is remarkable. Kudos to her parents who have been involved in her sports development throughout her young career.

Nikolina also has a passion and an impressive desire for Fashion and Fashion Modelling, She says she wants to learn and grow and she's open to opportunities and possibilities. Her esoteric and skillful knowledge in fitness has also helped her to remain in shape and build a strong athletic built, which is not stereotypical to fashion models but she does holds her own in looks, stature and she's a vivid poser.

We chose Nikolina to be one of our models/actors for our on-going BMW NYU Tisch School of the arts initiative and our collaboration for fashion looks @chaarmzmagazine. Nikolina was not only impressive as a fashion model, which is her interest, but she was also superb in her acting skills. She emoted the required seriousness of being the specific role as well as an amazing Fashion Model.

Nikolina is expressive, confident and creative in what she does and has a passion to go and get done more. We would love to have Nikolina on set in one of our Chaarmz Magazine fashion gigs or @chaarmzstudio photoshoots. Please let us know in your comments, what you think of her look, her performance as a model and also the photography. Your feedback helps us develop better images and talent.

We wish Nikolina all the best. We are very impressed with her and would love to collaborate with her soon. The technical specs of one of the images of our photoshoot is as follows:

The technical specs of the main image is as follows:

Sonyalpha 7ii fullframe mirrorlesscamera

sony wideangle 35mm prime lens shot at 35mm, shot at f/1.8 1/100s ISO 200, godox Softbox as main light and umbrella as back fill light.

Thank you,

Publisher @chaarmzmagazine

Photographer @chaarmzstudio

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