Lexi's Luxe Lifestyle !

Updated: May 26, 2021

Alexia Senko AKA Lexi is Subtle, her Expression is Hidden and her Words, Unspoken. A Vibrant yet Elegant Soul, she thrives to express herself through movements quite unique to herself.

In a High Fashion look by Tome' and Narcess, Lexi finds her self in an upscale yet elegant couture setting at our latest Harvard University Opera Inspired Photoshoot for Chaarmz Magazine. Her Fashion Statement is complimented by her youthful and expressive posing.



Lexi has a unique look and of course the length to wear any Fashion Couture outfit. She wears them and walks them elegantly with style. She is perfect in posing and very versatile. Her expressions and ideas flow through the concept and the photoshoot. This gallery of photos is highlighting her innate ability to showcase the Very Elegant Couture Outfits in a flamboyant way.

Lighting was managed by yours truly, and Assisted to perfection by our DOP, Dr. Ange Amourous, where we put strobe lights and back fill lights to compliment the look and soft edges of the outfit. A great experience working with the entire team and our Fashion Stylist Christal Williams on her side during the Photoshoot.

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