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Pain to pleasure: The Journey of an Empowered Woman!

When I was eight years old, I remember visiting my aunt post surgery. She was in her late 40’s at the time and had just got her “la caz baba” removed. Through the lenses of a child, this was fascinating and yet scary for me. My aunt, to me prior to that day was perfectly fine, healthy and robust, and there she was on the bed, weak and in pain. Being a very curious child, I picked up from the adults conversing around me that she had got her female organs removed. I remember having so many questions and everything about this day stayed printed in my eight year old brain.

Photo by Kal Ata

As I kept growing up on the island, hearing about other females getting this surgery became a regular occurrence. Pre-menopausal women that were having irregularities and/or cysts on or around their female organs were being encouraged and prescribed to perform a Vaginal hysterectomy. It is a surgical procedure to remove the uterus through the vagina. During a vaginal hysterectomy, the surgeon detaches the uterus from the ovaries, fallopian tubes and upper vagina. This type of surgery became so common around me that I thought it was part of most’s women’s menopausal routine.

As I continued on my life path and moved to Canada, I started to realize that a vaginal hysterectomy was no joke. The amount of these surgeries being performed in my home country Mauritius per capita was much higher than the rest of the world. Same went with the amount of c-section deliveries. Mauritius has both a fantastic public health care system and a private health care system where anyone with money can get a same day appointment to a gynaecologist. Just like free hospital birth have a lower rate c-section birth compared to privately paid deliveries, the rate of vaginal hysterectomy for similar conditions are significantly lower via the free health care system versus the private care. I blame this occurrence more on a lack of education and knowledge rather than on the greed of the private health care system that has been using fear to keep up their sales quota.

Personally, I struggled with my own gynaecological issues. From the time that I started my menstruations in my early teens till the age of 36, I had extreme menstrual cramps. They were horrible each month, some worse that others. I tried everything from natural remedies to pain killers amongst other techniques and nothing worked. In 2019, I left a physically and emotionally abusive relationship, and just like that, my cramps disappeared. I remember getting my first period after I left my ex-husband and just like magic - no more pain. It was incredible.

Photo by Kal Ata

Fast forward a year a half - still no pain. This led me down the path to study and understand the female body and the intricacies of our hormones in relationship with out mood, pain, skin, level of energy and our drive. Why was there no one talking about this? I felt such a calling to be the voice of the change that I so strongly believed in.

Photo by Kal Ata

I decided to create a safe and non-judgmental platform for both men and women to learn about the different aspects of the female body and its effects on the human health. All on the table is an educational sex talk show that I have created and designed to achieve this goal.

In the episodes, we cover different aspects of the sexual world be it emotional, physical, health related and their energetic links as well as traumas and debunking myths.

Fact # 1 - did you know that a proper female ejaculation is a purge and flush of a female’s lymphatic fluids?

Fact #2: - did you know that a clitoral orgasm releases a different hormone than an internal orgasm and they both have a different effect on the female body.

Photo by Kal Ata

In season one, I interviewed my co-host, Martin, who is total Vagina geek with a PHD and he has has been studying and teaching the alternative modalities of gynaecological health around the world. His wealth of knowledge is a total gift that we are excited to present and share with the world. I also host group and one on one workshops for men, women and couples to expand their knowledge and educate them on the subject. My goal is to empower everyone so that women can make a much more informed decision about their sexual health going forward.


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