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Rocking The Makeup Trends

The new decade is here to rock a new trend! Let’s talk about makeup trends. Is it the crazy looking eyeliner shapes? The colourful eyeliners like the pop of blue? Or the classic lip colours? Well, guess what?! It is all trending right now!!

You can officially say the typical cat-eyes look is now trending into punky, graphic lines using colourful eyeliner in white, pink, yellow and even blue. Now you may wonder how someone can wear such colours in their everyday makeup routine. Well, it’s always about you and what looks trendy on you.

You can either stroke a coloured eyeliner along your lash line or smudge it in a painterly way, slightly giving it a smokey effect. A woman cannot live without her mascara; swipe 2-3 coats on your lashes to give a fuller, voluminous look to your eyes.

To make your eyes pop, a flattering wine-stained lip colour is definitely a compliment. Using a lip liner first can keep the pigment from feathering.

The bold eyebrows are left behind, and soft natural brows are back! The effortless look may appear as undone, however, the look does require to keep the brows with enough definition to complete the alluring look.

To give a natural full look, you can shape up your brows with a brow gel; I am a fan of “La Beaute Fatale.” It works wonders, giving a soft and natural look to the brows. Or try my personal recommendation, which is to dip a disposable mascara wand in castor and coconut oil and smear it evenly on your brows to give a beautiful finish while supporting your natural growth. The oils will stimulate hair growth and thicken the brows naturally. Results vary, but you will start seeing a difference within two weeks. You can enjoy the brow look while you nurture them at the same time.

Tabi Moazzam

Makeup Artist/ Educator/Entrepreneur




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