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Six Emotional Power Positions

Six Emotional Power Positions

Everyone has a different belief as to what an emotional power position is even if they know that they have one or not. Some people think that being a bully is the position of power, or speaking over a person is but an emotional power position is when you can be who you are and unapologetically not let people change who you are. If you are able to keep the following power positions, then you will always win in life:

  1. Don’t become the thing that you hate. We all go through painful experiences. If you are disgusted by something that someone has done to you, you become the same as that person if you treat people in the same manner. If someone has hurt you, that hurt is there to show you what not to be, it’s not there to show you how to hurt people better. The gift in the pain that you feel is to help you transform into a better person not a bitter one.

  1. Forgiving people is a power position because when things happen to you, you either get bitter or better and forgiveness makes sure that you get better. Forgiveness takes the person that hurt you out of the way for you to extract the wisdom that is available to you in that situation so you can supersede the person in emotional intelligence. Pain is the best transformational energy we can experience, but pain can only empower you through forgiveness and letting it go.

  1. Not regretting being good to people that didn’t deserve it. Even if things didn’t work out with the person that you were good to, the resources, time and energy that you invested in the person was not wasted no matter how you feel about it. I believe in the law of sowing and reaping, and you will reap all the things that you sow but not always in the place that you put the seed in. Not everyone that we’re good to can reciprocate our efforts but rest assured that if they can’t reciprocate your efforts that down the road there are people that can without the stress.

  1. I just learned at my Vipassana retreat that not reacting is the ultimate power position. When you don’t react you create the space to think about the way you want to respond the right way. It takes a very empowered person to do this.

  1. Being happy with who you are, loving who you are, loving your mistakes and the way you do things will give you the ultimate power position because when who you are is not dependent on anyone emotionally, then you’re free.

  1. Being the best version of yourself is a high emotional power position so always work on yourself. Watch motivational videos, read books, take classes, and take your self care seriously.

You are the CEO of your life, act accordingly.

Michell Barker

Motivational Speaker, Certified Life Coach & Author

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