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The Art of Fashion Modelling

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Posing for art or posing for fashion have quite a bit in common. Fundamentally they are both forms of art expressed through the medium of human emotion and human anatomy. Some actors can never be fashion models and some models can never be good actors. But if someone possesses both the acting and posing skills in a film, video or theatre or in front of a camera in a photographer's studio, such an individual would be considered a talent extraordinaire.

Sky Pahl is one of such unique individuals. With an inherent sadness of a heartbroken suitor and yet the posing of a ferocious stallion, Sky is one of industries rare talent. Her command on the dramatic expression and her vibrant yet sophisticated postures made us glitter with joy in our recent photoshoot with her also featuring her immensely talented athelete sister Summer Pahl (Please refer to previous blogs on this site).

With a studio setup of both dramatic effects with highlights and shadows on either Side of her portrait and later with our full blown fashion photoshoot with powered up strobes and umbrellas around her, Sky showed us how expressions are conveyed on set.

I shot the fashion piece with the following specs: sonyalpha 7ii fullframe mirrorlesscamera

sony wideangle 350mm lens shot at 35mm, shot at f/7.1 1/160s ISO 250, godox 300x Soft Box & Umbrella diffused as a back light.

For her dramatic acting we had the following setup: sonyalpha 7ii fullframe mirrorlesscamera

sony wideangle 35mm prime lens shot at 35mm, shot at f/1.8 1/80s ISO 250 godox 300x on umbrella on her one side to get highlights and intense shadow on the other side.

The uniqueness of this photoshoot and the talent that we shot has inspired our team to work with similar subjects more but the only issue is that such talent is rarely found. We wish Sky enormous success and hope to collaborate with her soon.

Kal Ata

Photographer @chaarmzstudio


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