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The Subtle Art of Confidence at Any Age

Confidence is not settling for what others think you need, want, or deserve. Confidence is showing up for yourself everyday.

I won’t lie to you; obtaining and maintaining confidence can be challenging and incredibly uncomfortable, especially if you are used to hiding in the background. I promise you, though, it has single-handedly changed the lives of so many incredible women. Women who have achieved what they want and so much more. Many who may not have always been able to stand in the limelight (or show up for what they want). Each of these women started by understanding the secrets behind the subtle art of confidence, regardless of their age.

So many are led to believe that confidence comes from others. That who we are and what we are worth stems from the ideas and assumptions of those who we are closely connected to or aspire to be. I am here to tell you that what you think you know and what you have been led to believe simply isn't true.

Do not be misled by the unrealistic ideals of what you have been told confidence looks like. Confidence looks like you. Confidence looks like me. Confidence is what each of us holds as the foundation for all we set out to do and all we achieve. You don’t have to be the fittest, the most beautiful or the smartest woman in the room to be the most confident. In fact, quite the contrary; some of the most successful women, the most confident, are not the ones who look the most perfect on paper (and they don’t care to be).


There is a secret I want to let you in on, and it is the answer to it all. This secret has made it easier for more women who may have traditionally lacked the confidence, stepped back from stepping up, or never stepped up to begin with. This secret can change your life, as it has changed mine and the lives of so many other women. It is so simple and accessible to you right now. It is available to any woman, at any age.

Confidence is an inside job. Confidence starts with the conversations you have with yourself every day.

How you speak to yourself, how you view yourself, what you believe to be true about yourself is the basis of all that is possible for you right now. Everything you want and will achieve is first created in your mind. Leading with confidence is seeing the person you are as the person you want to be and who you are working on becoming. Age is irrelevant. You can start changing your life right now. It won’t happen overnight, but wasting another moment longer not implementing some simple changes in your life will only keep you stuck. Change the dialogue starting right now and reap the benefits immediately. I encourage you to give it a try.

Want to learn how?

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Sarah Godbout




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