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Top Fashion Trends

These are the looks guiding the pieces you'll want to start shopping for, and while you might not want to wear the full-on trend as seen on the runways, you will definitely want to incorporate a few of these trends into your wardrobe in a more wearable way.

While the '80s and '90s have strongly influenced the past few seasons, fashion is at a point where the collections seem to be going back to the classics that never really went away. Think equestrian, schoolgirl plaid, fringe, and slouchy tailoring inspired by the ‘80s. There are several directions you can go and really can’t go wrong! Some less expected trends are popping up, such as jewel tones like fuchsia and opera length gloves for every day. After everything we have unexpectedly been through in 2020, I believe that women want to have fun with their clothes again; hopefully, our wardrobes and outlooks will be more optimistic.

During fashion month, brands and designers highlight their creative visions and forecast the season’s new fashion trends that will certainly be taking over street style—and eventually your closet. Though so many looks have made their way down the runways, here are a few fashion trends that seem sure to be everywhere later this year. The trends listed below are ones that can be integrated into anyone's closet, and they'll appeal to a wide range of tastes. Also, they are fun and easy to wear — yes, even the Victorian and bow trends.

The Schoolgirl Trend Including Tartan Plaids and Argyle Knits

Plaid has literally been around forever, and most people are no stranger to wearing it. Burberry has built a whole brand around its famous plaid. Plaid has been the quintessential fall pattern for many years, and it is not ever going away. This season you’ll find plenty of plaid options from the iconic tartan plaid to bright colours that aren’t your typical fall hues. There are so many plaid sweaters ready to keep everyone warm and fuzzy this fall season. Over the years, plaid has taken on many forms, but designers seem to be able to endlessly reinvent the timeless favourite.


Metallics - Silver might just be the new black this fall, and admittedly, that is fine with me. Designers loved the metallic hue this season, and so will you! Don't be afraid to add a bit of shine into your wardrobe, and in case you were wondering, you don’t have to limit yourself to silver! Metallics will be seen on everything from jackets to shoes!


Capes - What better to make you feel like a superhero than adding on a cape to your outfit while also adding an extra layer of warmth? This year more than ever, we need to pull out our superhero capes and help save the world! So it is no surprise that designers have introduced capes ranging from practical to ruffled, floor-length, and dramatic. This fall fashion trend for 2020 is certain to make you feel empowered, whether you work it into your street style or just enjoy your look while out with friends.


Equestrian is a major fashion trend for fall 2020 with designers such as Chanel, Tory Burch, and Michael Kors, showing equestrian-themed garments. Look for double-breasted riding coats, knee-high leather boots, and riding boots this fall.

Head to Toe Leather

Head to Toe Leather - Everyone thinks of leather when the weather starts to get colder, but when it comes to the trends for fall 2020, leather is definitely taking a front seat. Look for leather in bold colours, but also head to toe black leather. Leather trench coats with leather boots will be a trend that is easy to replicate.

Jewel Tones - Especially Fuchsia

Jewel tones like amethyst, ruby, deep jade, sapphire, citrine, and fuchsia are trending whether you're picking out an everyday suit or a simple blouse. You'll want to include a bit of the jewel tone trend in your wardrobe, and choosing bold, beautiful, eye-opening shades will undoubtedly turn a few heads. Fuchsia is a bold choice for fall weather and adds new energy to your seasonal staples such as outerwear or a suit.


Shearling - You can always expect a little furry shearling to come down the fall runways, and this year, even though you will see real shearling, the trend is toward faux shearling. Standing out on the runway were the short cut, pea coats or biker jackets. If you are going to invest in a trend this year, shearling is the way to go!

Match your shearling coat with statement combat boots and jeans (Kate Moss style). Wear it with cropped trousers and high-heeled boots, paying homage to 70’s fashion seen on the runways, especially at Celine. This is a great street style look and ideal for cold days.


Fringe is certainly not new and has been making its way into coats, bags, and even pants and dresses for fall. Fringe looks great on so much more than denim because anything looks great with a little fringe! The difference for this fall, as opposed to prior years, is that it’s “less about fringe for fringe’s sake, and more about refinement or clever accents; an unexpected fringe on the hemline of a wool coat, perhaps, or adorning the edge of a bag.” - Vogue


The Victorian trend embraces several nostalgic trends from romantic puffed shoulders dresses and blouses to full-on century inspired ball gowns. This is an unapologetically romantic look that includes high necklines and lots of volume. Look for puff-sleeved blouses with embellished details.


Bows - You may think bows are only for little girls, but childhood-inspired and retro dressing is big for fall this year. Some of the most prevalent trends for spring and summer were tie-dye, beaded bracelets, hair accessories, and daisy motifs, so it’s no surprise that the bow trend is popular for fall. Bows are popping up everywhere, and designers are placing them on hats, dresses, and used as neckties. However you do it, it’s going to be easy to integrate bows into your wardrobe.

A few other fall trends that are a little more understated are ribbed knitwear, tube skirts, biker boots and printed turtlenecks. These will all make your current wardrobe feel a bit more updated.

It is always fun to know about the fashion trends for the coming season, and while my advice is to build a classic wardrobe that works from year to year, incorporating a few trends makes your clothes feel updated. Some of these trends are worth investing in, such as the equestrian trend and the leather trend, two trends that will always be around. Otherwise, don’t put your money into something that you don’t love, or that won’t be around for years to come!

Suzanne Smith

Instagram @crazyblondelifeblog



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