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VLOG: What it Takes to Make Your Mark in the Beauty Industry

Updated: Jun 6, 2021




VLOG Text:

Let’s face it, this world of beauty is not what it was ten years ago. Every single day we are bombarded with new products, changing trends, new apps, etc. What are we supposed to keep up with? How can we ever compete with the big influencers and make our mark in this massive beauty industry? I’m here to share my story and some expert tips and advice to inspire you to keep pushing!

I started doing makeup in my early teens. I had a ton of acne and wanted to learn how to apply makeup correctly. At the time, I didn’t know that I wanted to do makeup on others or in a professional setting; I just knew that I loved the art of makeup and loved how much makeup could transform.

I decided to go to makeup school and eventually got certified as a makeup artist. I volunteered everywhere I could, from Ottawa Fashion Week to Caribana to New York Fashion Week. Over a few years, I built a huge network of people and really developed my skill to get to where I am now--working full-time as a makeup artist. I have a team of artists working for me, a makeup studio and a lash line.

None of these things happened overnight, but all of it would be worth it. Over the years, I paved my own way, navigating the ‘road bumps’ one situation at a time. I must admit that not one person's path will be the same, but there are things to keep in mind that can guarantee success:

You have to keep pushing!! Social media has this way of making it seem like everyone is succeeding except you. Trust me, social media is not always real life. People are posting success way more than failure, so a word of advice when you are comparing yourself to other influencers—DON’T! Look at them for inspiration but do not compare. The only thing it will do is kill your momentum.

Keep up with technology. The best way is just to put yourself out there. Try it! I must admit that I was resistant to using social media at the beginning; I had to get one of my friends to sit down and make an Instagram account for me. Wow, am I ever grateful for her!

It’s not necessary to keep up with all the new trends. There are new makeup products and trends changing constantly. Honestly, I don’t think you can keep up unless you work with the products specifically, and I also don’t think it is necessary. Know what you need to know to do an amazing job and learn as you go. The biggest key to success is not the trends here and there, it is the consistent good work. The best thing you can do is be consistent in trying your best every time and paving your own path, whatever that looks like for you.


Melanie Viger is a makeup artist, social media influencer, and business owner. Melanie runs a team of highly trained certified makeup artists who specialize in event and glamour makeup. She is the owner of MUAVEE Makeup Studio and the creator of MUAVEE Lashes.



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