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Women's Hairstyles & Trends

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Every season brings with it new style trends whether it pertains to fashion, beauty, or hair. Some trends might complement our personal style and some we might choose to leave behind. Our style reflects our personality as it relates to our beauty and aesthetic - how we want to portray ourselves within our own skin.

When it comes to hair fashion, we must embrace one’s natural style as it relates to our physical form and the texture and natural elements within one’s hair including shape, thickness, curl, movement, density, texture, mass, and growth patterns or tendencies. The right hairstyle will depend on one’s face shape and choosing a length and shape that brings out a person’s attractive qualities. Having a style that is easy and stylishly fun is the key to success.

Some of the haircuts in 2021 include the modern shaggy lob, asymmetrical lob, short graduated modern bob, bangs/fringes, chin length bob, and round Afros.

As for colour, the latest rage is pink, icy blue, platinum blonde, rose pink, silvery pastel shades, gingers and coppers, rich browns, caramel browns, and ink-black/blue. Some of the colour techniques are mixes of baby lights, balayage, shadow roots, ombre, and lots of beachy blonde tones.

For hot trends in 2021, look for two skinny braids, one on either side of your part. This works on most hairstyles with a bit of length. Messy buns and top knots with wispy pieces falling out. Giant finger waves, beachy waves, as well as 60s hair, 70s bangs/fringes and modern versions of the bob and the shag. Row braids, angel braids, and other types of braids loosened up and a little messy are also on trend.

Whether you wear your hair long or short, light or dark, curly or straight, what matters is that the style suits your appearance and personality. It sometimes may take courage and conviction to follow your own taste but expressing your individuality is well worth it.

Hair is courtesy of Christopher Marrello

Raffaello Salon

132 Cumberland Street, Toronto, Ontario

Instagram @christopher_marrello

Instagram @raffaellosalon



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