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Zodiac Accessories and Cosmic Shifts

Updated: Mar 29, 2021


This moon you’re supposed to be active – but not in an aggressive way. So dress up in a more business-like suit and wear very subtle fire-coloured (yellow, orange, red) accessories. Aries ladies, this month is about staying vulnerable and showing your sensitivity to partners and at your workplace. Open your heart and show your inner beauty by wearing some warm-hearted accessories. Consider adding a silky red scarf to your wardrobe or how about a very Arian perfume? Magie Noire by Lancome would make a great gift for yourself. Your newfound raw honesty will serve you well during this spring month. You will be the people’s hero.


Right now, having a good routine and structure will be your go-to. Life is a little hectic, so you need to rely on structure. This full moon you need to also ruminate less and make more decisive actions. If you’ve had some struggles at work, take the time to be patient with coworkers, clear the atmosphere, and center yourself with a nice spa day… (hint). When it’s time to communicate your work frustrations, do so out in the open while wearing a lovely Venus accessory like rose gold springtime earrings. You’re more empowered this month, so actually, the Universe is more receptive to your wishes. Set your intentions while leaving people in a cloud of aromatic bliss as they catch a hint of your perfume, try Bregamotto di Positano by Floris. It has notes of orange, ginger, and vanilla – ah very you!!!


This month you’re going to be experiencing a new awakening; your inner playfulness will come forward and your sense of transcending past difficulties will be here to stay. The mercury retrograde had you pondering life for a while and considering ways to rebuild yourself, your career, and your romantic life. Try an attention grabbing yellow jacket (the colour of Hermes and Gemini). Yellow will ground your intellectual nerves into something positive. You’re also going to fix the dreams that you had for yourself this month. There will be some breakthroughs so you can add some zest to your existence with a lovely spritz of Dior, Dolce Vita; a very zesty and fresh bubbly take on a fragrance to help you release some fear and raise your sense of self-worth.


You have a new sense of who you are now and these breakthroughs can even feel unnerving or somewhat unsettling; this is only because in the future they will allow you to dream big. Your wishes are making a 360-degree turn, everything is being re-evaluated and some of that is even reaching cosmic dimensions. You’re understanding spirituality more nowadays and seeing how you fit into our cosmos. You’re also peeking into your past childhood and seeing how your past environment shaped the person you are today. You’re learning a lot about the difference between boundaries and useless boxes you’ve been holding yourself in. Release some of those boundaries by wearing a lot of silvery and pearly jewelry and/or clothing this spring, Cancer. The silver colour always had a way to remind you of the ocean at night and soothe you. Now is the time to make room to create great future dreams. Dream your way into spring by also trying the scent Mystere Rochas by Rochas.


Leo now is the time to use those theatre skills to project loud and clear what you want to communicate to the world. You’re trying to hold on until you sense the perfect moment but it’s too late!! Now is the time where your career enters the perfect tornado of changes and new developments. Be ready to be surprised because most likely your life will be happening in very synchronistic events right now. The only catch? Stay spontaneous and make the inner you really shine and grab center stage. Why not add some gold jewelry or golden evening dresses to your arsenal of clothing this spring. Gold is the colour of royalty, pure conveyance of magic and inner strength. Right now is the time for you to dare and be honest about your desires. Be yourself all the way. Sparkle and glamourize people as you pass by with a heady Leonine perfume; try Jungle L’Elephant by Kenzo. It has Ylang Ylang, liquorice, mango, and heliotrope. Mango? How spring appropriate!


Right now your decision making skills are still a little shaky and confused. You’re balancing your own sense of freedom versus demands from other people (your family, children, etc). Don’t be too hard on yourself because this will be a month where you begin to review and restructure your life. Right now you have a good shot at presenting your self-expression, creativity, and even turning a lifetime hobby into a career. The path ahead is not fully visible yet, but it’s still a path worth walking. Take the time to reflect on where you’ve been so far before you embark on your new life missions. Look fabulous while reflecting by wearing very spring, fresh shades of white, cream, and beige. Try a new cream coloured trench coat for example, for that sleek Virgo confidence with an extra touch of polish. Right now is also the time to clarify your values, order your budget, but still ensure you’re following your spiritual goals. Treat yourself for all your hard focus and work with a fragrance by Nest, Cocoa Woods. Virgos are known for liking woody scents in their fragrances, and this sultry number has cocoa, sequoia wood, sandalwood, and exotic Tiare blossom.


Libra, this full moon and the month atmosphere has a real focus on your romantic life, as well as your partner’s own journey toward figuring out his life path. Family duty will surely present some challenges for you this particular month. What you need to recharge this month is a little fun. Give yourself a few days off and treat yourself well. Manicures, pedicures at the spa, or even facial treatments are recommended now. Healthy body – healthy mind. The planet Uranus just entered your house of transformations presenting revisions to your partner’s income. Right now, you’re learning a lot about flexibility. Try to adopt the same in your wardrobe by wearing a lot of peach and dusty rose colours. Romance your closet by adding some floral prints that have a nostalgic appeal. Another recommendation is to socialize more this month. Meet with favourite people and get inspired once again. Re-awaken that Libra charm by trying one of the latest enchantments, Wish by Chopard. It has notes of coconut, rare rosewood, sweet strawberries, exotic orchids, and Lily of the Valley!!


This month and the full moon will begin to reveal some secrets. You will be unlocking deep information, a lot of it coming from your own psyche. You’ll feel more empowered and have more confidence than usual. It’s best for you right now to renew and recharge your energies. The colours of burgundy and black can help you to do so. Perhaps a burgundy leather jacket can surprise your colleagues and associates with your piercing sense of style. You’ll need some peace and meditation this month as well in order to see the essence of a problem. Your mind is clear and sharp even if your creative endeavors are still slightly confusing. You’ll also develop more tolerance for your current partner’s balance of freedom. Transform your way by spraying a refined Scorpio perfume - Narcisco Rodriguez, Pure Musc, with its hints and notes of musk and sophisticated powder.



You’re going to have to clear the air with friends and neighbours about some previous matters. You’re not usually embarrassed to say it like it is. This year you’ve got Jupiter motivating you to push forward. Your personal ego center was somewhat damaged and now you have the motivation to look for new spaces, new places, and an entirely fresh perspective and tribe. You achieved a lot this year but now you feel like you achieved the impossible. Sometimes, however, you can be so restless for change that you get in your own way. Slow down and try to maintain optimal health in between. You are beginning a process of true self-realization. Assist yourself by slowing things down where needed. And also, why not try to accessorize with cultural and other pieces of foreign garb? We’d recommend an ethnic skirt that transports you to new lands of plenty. But you don’t have to master everything all at once. As for fragrance, Sagittarius’ bold and zesty personality fits something quite unconventional; perhaps a CK IN2U for Her, with woody-floral exotic flowers and fruits with sugar notes.


Now is the time for you to get the full recognition for efforts at work and other accolades. You carry the load for the rest of us humans. On the full moon, you are going to get the top recognition for all those efforts as well. People are going to notice your hard work and appreciate you for it. Nowadays, don’t be shy about giving yourself credit even if the journey isn’t yet over. In the past few years, many of you have released some friendships, people, and situations out of your lives. You’ve also been feeling the time ticking on as you’re getting older, however, you’ve mastered quite a lot about yourself. It is only fitting to celebrate the good moments with some fashion and pampering. Consider adding some new leather handbags to your arsenal of business weapons. They will serve you well for the upcoming career changes ahead. As for fragrance, Capricorn likes class and refinement, so Coco Chanel, Madmoiselle would be the ideal pick. It has notes of bergamot, jasmine and Morning Rose. And the base of patchouli & vetiver gives it a sensual flavour.


Now is the time to dive into your dreams and really believe in yourself. Your experience and wisdom will be highlighted under this full moon. Your consciousness is getting deeper now, and you also feel more full of belief and faith. Now is the time to get inspired because the last 2 years have been grueling for you. But now, you are beginning to let go of unwanted things and lighten all your karmic debts. You find yourself in a new chapter and state of existence. You’re no longer faking anything for anyone and are your most authentic self once again all the time. Celebrate your uniqueness by trying on futuristic clothing at the mall. Perhaps an item that has flash-photography friendly designs. As for fragrance, we are keeping you electric with some Ralph Lauren, Wild. It has feminine sparkly notes of juicy watermelon, cherry bark musk, and wild strawberry. It’s secretly sweet, like you!!


Commune with the depths of your soul on this full moon. There will be a lot of blissful and soulful moments this spring to overtake you. You can reach more divine healing about your self-worth. If you find yourself over-intellectualizing your emotions, try to purge your feelings instead because otherwise, it will be non-productive. A large intense aspect of your upcoming life journey is now reaching a climax. Your time now is to surrender and learn a lot about sacrifice, giving, and taking. Reward yourself by wearing something purple coloured or mauve and we recommend adding a dash of spiritual flavour to all your outfits. Perhaps you can also find a fitting gemstone for these April months; amethyst comes to mind. Now it’s either a time to make amends with a former lover or perhaps a readiness to forgive the self for past deeds. Your concepts of surrender and sacrifice and give and take need tending. Maybe you’re ready to forgive an ex. Maybe you’re ready to forgive yourself. These spiritual breakthroughs in your ways of thinking will show you that this was just the beginning. To step into an appropriate fragrance euphoria, try Costarela by Carner Barcelona. It has those salty and sandy hints of the summer still to come while evoking the bliss of the beach.

Dasha Tsurkan




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