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A Mechanical Engineer in the Miss Universe Spotlight !

Keysi Sayago is the Former Miss Venezuela 2016 and Top 5 Miss Universe 2017.

With a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical engineering, Keysi makes a strong statement for women empowerment.

In a High Fashion Couture Look by RVNG Couture designer Jordan Stewart and swimwear look by designer Maria from Santa Soul Swim, Keysi finds herself in an upscale yet elegant couture setting at our latest Harvard University Opera Inspired Photoshoot for Chaarmz Magazine Cover, feature and swimwear fashion looks. Her Fashion Statement is complimented by her powerful and expressive posing.


Keysi is also a strong Activist in social services, focused on the feeding of street people in Venezuela, through civil organizations, also volunteer in Fetch and Releash as a foster parent.

For our photoshoot by the pool, location arranged by our Real Estate editor, Alkarim Shivji, photography was done by yours truly AKA Kal Ata, lighting on set, was managed by Barret Mullholand, and Assisted to perfection by our DOP, Dr. Ange Amourous, where we put strobe lights and back fill lights to compliment the look and soft edges of the outfits. A great experience working with the entire team and our Fashion Stylist, Mina Bakhshian on her side during the Photoshoot.

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Keysi is also an experienced Runway Coach and owner of Panthera Collection by NOGU. Her experience showed in her natural expressions without having to enforce herself too much. She is indeed stunning, naturally.

In addition, she is a TV host of the Venezuelan TV show "Beyond Beauty" in its tenth edition.

Her onstage and on Camera performances has given her the ability to express herself in front of the camera in the most stylish and eloquent way. Kodus to her for her ability to shine in front of the camera, taking the Spotlight!

Keysi is an International Model who took part in different important fashion events in Canada and carrying out campaigns for Canadian designers. Her eye for fashion is exquisite, her walk, breath taking; hence she has ruled the biggest runway and peasant stages locally and internationally, the most formidable of which was her crown she won as Miss Universe Venezuela, 2016 and ranked top 5 in Miss Universe International 2017. Performances to embrace and for her to be proud of, indeed.

The Technical Specs of the said images are as follows:

sony wideangle 35mm prime lens shot at 35mm, shot at f/10 1/125s ISO 100, godox Softbox as main light and umbrella as back fill light.

Publisher @chaarmzmagazine

Photographer @chaarmzstudio

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