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A New Type of EX: The EXPLANT By Heather Stockley

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

A New Type of EX: The EXPLANT

By Heather Stockley

In 2022 social media may appear to be saturated with everything big: quadruple-patty burgers oozing with triple cheese melts on top, ten layer cakes adorned with bright fondants and 24K gold glitter, and models enhanced with curvy shapers flaunting plump lips paired with perky booty – but don’t let the façade fool you as more women are slowly changing the narrative and introducing the new wave of beauty for the future.

Topic “EX”.

By this stage our lives most of us have had our share of ex’s; ex partners, bosses and friends. Parting ways with something that just isn’t right for us is nothing abnormal; however, the new trend of “ex” focuses on selfless beauty; the EXPLANT! Education moment: the explant is the removal of breast implants formerly inserted during a breast augmentation and may be accompanied by a Mastopexy (lift) and reduction. For me this spelled freedom! No more backaches, neck tension or poorly fitted outfits. Take a read about my journey!

In 2007 I gave birth to my second daughter. Although neither of my babies were breastfed my second pregnancy left my breasts looking deflated; two flappy pancakes resting on my torso. In early 2008 I opted for a breast augmentation with a pear shaped implant to add volume and shape to my breasts. My only instructions to my surgery at the time was “don’t give me porno boobs”. Voila – I had renewed curves and looked amazing in tailored, form fitting clothing.

Fast track fifteen years later. I had recently lost twenty-five pounds and although I loved the results of the lifestyle journey, my breasts felt like two balls on chains dragging me down. I had the usual complaints many large busted women have: sore shoulders, indents from bra straps and cup underwires, weight on my chest making it hard to breathe, and difficulty finding dresses and swimsuits that fit properly. I embraced my new petite frame but began to loathe my disproportionate upper body. Women would ask if my breasts were “really mine” in which I would reply “yes, I paid for them – they’re mine”. I found this particularly annoying because although I had had an augmentation 15 years prior, my breast tissue was much larger than the implant itself. Although I had natural feeling breasts that jiggled when I moved and were soft, bountiful handfuls, now they were just too big.

In May of this year, I consulted with one of Toronto’s top plastic surgeons with the goal to replace my implants for something smaller with a possible reduction. After some measurement and consultation, he advised me that I could have amazing natural breasts without replacing the implant at all. The thought of EXPLANT had never occurred to me. I was scared that if I removed my implants my breasts may look weird. My surgeon confidently advised me of the procedure he would perform: EXPLANT with removal of the implant “pocket”, reduction (size not guaranteed) and Mastopexy: a lift to put the girls right where they need to be. I would never need to replace my implants again as they would be a thing of the past. And if I wanted them back, that was also an option.

Last month I ditched my “exes” and went au naturel. I knew as I approached the years before 50 I wanted to feel free yet body confident. After surgery when I looked down at my compression bra for the first 48 hours I was a tad sad – as if looking for my long lost friends who were gone forever, but as the swelling went down and fluids drained, I realized that my new “stingers” (my husband’s nickname to mimic bee stings) were still there: just more pronounced, defined and perfectly perky. I instantly felt lighter; more carefree.

In the days and weeks to come I look forward to finally walking into a regular lingerie store where I can find my true size. After years of ill-fitting bras and custom bras that cost the quarter of a mortgage payment, I said goodbye to my 34G’s to embrace future topless summer nights and teeny weenie bikinis.

The morale of my story is you have one life to live so #eatthecake! Do you and be comfortable in your own skin: this is not selfish but rather selfless beauty and a new era of body confidence. Parting ways with my twin exes was one of my best break-ups to date.

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