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A Path Paved With Passion: The One And Only Fashion by Sako

Updated: May 3, 2021

A path paved of passion, fashion and a taste for beautiful things led Sako Krikorian to an exquisite destination – the present.

Custom jewelry designer, Sako Krikorian founded and launched his line, Fashion by Sako a few years after coming to Canada from Lebanon (1990). Krikorian offers an extensive line of luxurious, high-end jewellery, focusing on first class service. Sako also provides wholesale services using only GIA certified diamonds and 18K gold - his pieces are highly sought-after and can be found on the shelves of some of the world’s most high-end retailers.

Krikorian continuously keeps tabs on upcoming trends, and can anticipate what the consumer desires. He loves being on the road - traveling extensively around the globe in search of the most dazzling and interesting pieces the world has to offer.

A genuine enjoyment of customer satisfaction, Sako prides himself on offering his customers a unique and unbeatable experience. Whether your order is large or small, you can be assured you’ll get the same exact quality and service – everyone is the same and on equal footing in Sako's books. He has built a very diverse and loyal following - having taken Instagram by storm, posting his latest creations and entertaining behind the scenes content. Be sure to follow @fashionbysako for all his latest initiatives.

Fashion by Sako diamond pieces can be seen gracing the pages of this issue’s cover & cover feature, entitled Live Without Limitation – featuring Dr. Ann Kaplan.


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