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Analucia Beltran - Building a family legacy!

Updated: Jul 3, 2022




By Natalie Messina

"Analucia Beltran Diamonds is a brand featured in Her Majesty the Queen’s Official Platinum Jubilee Pageant Commemorative Album".

Diamonds represent so much to Analucia’s family. They took pride in being able to afford them. Analucia’s diamond business is not just a company, it’s a sentimental promise made to her father that she would create a family legacy, travel the world, and be her own boss – before she turned 40 years old. Analucia is the first-born (from a family of four children) and she founded the business with her youngest brother who is also the Creative Director. Analucia Beltran is the founder and designer of one of the fastest-growing lab-grown sustainable diamond brands in the world.

The precise moment when Analucia developed a passion for diamonds was when her youngest brother had just been born, and her father surprised her mother with a celebratory diamond ring – five diamonds to represent the four children and himself. “I remember my Dad’s hard work and my Mom’s pride – it was such a big deal,” says Analucia, “I get goosebumps just thinking about it.” She remembers the joy and celebration that diamonds brought to her family.

This memory has stayed with Analucia throughout her entire life. Her parents died within five years of that special moment – Analucia’s mother passed shortly after her father. The entire process is a tribute to her parents and to create something magnificent for every single woman who wants to have a diamond.

Analucia’s sister lives in Miami – it’s like her second home – and she travels there often to see her family as well as for business. “We’re going to Miami Art Basel again this year to continue collaborations with Max Jamali (a Luxury Artist from Toronto),” says Analucia.

Analucia was born in Lima, Peru and has been in the jewellery business for over 12 years. She worked on cruise ships for a decade before moving to Canada. She entered the diamond industry and the world of luxury while she was in the cruise industry. Analucia was one of the first influencers of the diamond industry on cruise ships embracing the new and better sustainable diamonds that were attainable, appealing and luxurious at the same time. Analucia’s work is desirable but affordable, creating an everlasting memory that can be passed down the family line as a treasured possession. Analucia’s diamond jewelry is a representation of those magical moments.

After a decade of selling fine jewellery all over Europe on cruise ships, Analucia took a different approach to the women who were buying jewellery from her for so many years. She wanted to sell something that women like – bringing in the diamonds of the future. That’s how her brand started. She was working for a TV network at the time and was wisely advised that she should use her full name as the brand – Analucia Beltran Diamonds. She is the first female designer in the field to design exclusively with diamonds that are not mined from the earth – the diamonds are recreated with technology. These are luxury sustainable diamonds that are better for the environment. “It’s mainly women rather than men who are purchasing the sustainable diamond jewellery,” says Analucia, adding that 80% of the purchases made are by women.

The intent is not to downgrade the mining industry but to build awareness that there is an environmental issue and embrace sustainable diamonds. “These days, it takes 250 tonnes of earth that we have to shift through mining in order to mine 1 carat of diamond. Also, the carbon emission is very high – 125 pounds per carat. With sustainable diamonds, there are only 6 pounds of carbon emission per carat and no mining – which means the price drops and makes diamonds more affordable,” says Analucia.

This Summer, Analucia Beltran Diamonds are going to be featured as the chosen designer for the Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee which is a huge prestigious honour. Then they will be flying to Las Vegas for the largest jewellery show in North America – JCK – and it’s the place to be seen by buyers from all over the world. Later this year, they are filming an interview with Kathy Ireland to be featured in her Bloomberg TV show.

“I’ve also been collaborating with Chaarmz Magazine since the very beginning. I’ve known Kal for a long time and since then I’ve also been writing more articles about the jewellery industry for more magazines. It was a beautiful experience and a nice connection,” says Analucia.

Eco-luxury | Precious, sustainable and more attainable diamonds thanks to technology.

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