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There Is Always Room To Grow ~Anna Oris

Anna Oris

There Is Always Room To Grow

By Natalie Messina

Anna Oris has come a long way since embarking on her journey in the entertainment industry two decades ago. An accomplished Hollywood actress, model and producer, Anna has been driven by her passion for acting from a young age, having dreamt of moving to Hollywood since the age of five.

At the age of 15, Anna began her career in the industry as a model, honing her skills and confidence by learning how to walk gracefully. However, her true calling was acting, which led her to explore different acting studios and eventually complete her studies at university. Her love for musicals and theatre eventually landed her a gig as a TV host in Moscow.

Anna's dedication to the entertainment business earned her recognition as one of the 20 most successful people in Saint-Petersburg, as well as the title of Mrs. Russia International 2015. Despite taking time off to focus on raising her daughter, Anna never lost sight of her goal of moving to Hollywood. Following her divorce, she made the bold decision to pursue her dream, securing her work visa and relocating to Los Angeles in 2019.

Despite the challenges of moving to a foreign country as a single mother with limited resources and language barriers, Anna persisted and soon found success in her craft. She has since appeared in eight movies, TV shows and over 60 commercials, building a sizable following on social media and earning a reputation as a consummate professional in the industry.

Anna's advice to aspiring actors emphasizes the importance of maintaining good relationships and respecting every member of the team, regardless of their experience level. She also stresses the need to be prepared for the unexpected and to always be open to new experiences and perspectives.

Anna's dedication to her craft has allowed her to explore a wide range of characters and develop them through changes in their appearance and environment. She is driven by the belief that there is always room for growth and exploration in her career.

Anna's successful debut in the United States was marked by her lead supporting role in the Western action film, "GunFight at Rio Bravo" (2023). Playing the character of Arlene, Anna portrayed a naive girl who unexpectedly finds herself in a dangerous situation, ultimately demonstrating an inner strength and bravery by defending her sister against assailants. Reflecting on her role, Anna noted how it exemplifies the concept of finding inner power in unexpected circumstances.

Prior to her success in film, Anna had demonstrated her range as an actress on stage, notably in her portrayal of the lead character in Aristophanes' anti-war comedy, "Lysistrata". This classic work, first staged in 411 BC, centers around the eponymous character's mission to end the Peloponnesian War by convincing the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands as a means of forcing peace negotiations.

Throughout her career, Anna has consistently sought out new challenges and opportunities for growth. She approaches character development with a creative and dynamic mindset, utilizing changes in appearance and environment to enhance her performances. As she explains, "focusing solely on past achievements can limit one's perspective of the future." For Anna, there is always room to grow and evolve, a philosophy that has propelled her towards continued success in the entertainment industry.

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