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Basketball - Love, Passion and Patience !

There are many kinds of love,

but this one is so special to me,to my friends and family.

Is about ball,but not any ball, BASKETBALL.

A lot of people can't understand that type of love and passion, but I don't blame them. Because we are not all blessed to do the job we love, only 2% of world population. So the one's who don't understand they are not the one of 2%.

This game also has the power to define us and show us the way how to experience life. Help us choose the good or bad side, but that also largely depends on how we are brought up.

Basketball is the most complex physical activity because it is not only the body that is active but also the mind.

Basketball intelligence is something we are born with, we can develop and upgrade it, but the basis is important and very important next to it is to have the competitive spirit.

Makes you think about others and improves your ability of making good decisions in the moment for all the team .

It makes you care and appreciate others, makes you improve every day and definitely makes you better- of course if you decide to be and strive for it.

But if you don't love it, if you are not passionate about it and you have no patience to work on it don't waste your time.

I will try to explain you why LOVE, PASSION and PATIENCE are necessary .


Like any other kind of love this love also takes many sacrifices.

If I say is not hard I would lie to you.

But if your love is true you will face all the problems and become stronger and 100% convinced then all was worth it.


There is few segments for which you need patience.

on 1st place because of work and progress to improve basics skills and become professional athlete.

truth is during our careers we never stop working and improving our basic.

With pro career there comes many problems about contracts, team, teammates and many other thing's.

To not mention many injuries, all recovery treatments and coming back on the court echoes .

But you can't give up because is love, and on love you have no right to give up.

Using power of patience you are becoming mentally stronger and love and PASSION are keeping you on your way.


That's the reason why you woke up early and go to sleep late, and why you keep smiling and working beside all the problems and all the injuries that you went through.

Is deep in your head and in your heart .

I tried to make it simple and different from any other article you can find about basketball, but I can't finish before I say thanks to Dr. James Naismith who is the inventor of this beautiful game.

Thank you!

Milena Marjanovic

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