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Glam up During Lockdown: Six Ways to Look and Feel Your Best

As the onset of COVID-19 came into play, I remember waking up with nowhere to go. My normal daily routine was to shower, style my hair and make-up, put on my best heels, and rush out the door for a full day ahead of exciting work. Suddenly, time stopped. With routines pulled from our schedules, mornings turned into nights and time became a blur. I recall the first two weeks of lounging around in sleepwear until noon, changing into ultra-comfortable leggings for the afternoon, and then back to sleepwear for bed.

Weeks followed, and we noticed our beauty practices began to suffer; nails became unmanicured, hair colour diminished while lengths got longer, and our skin-care regimes started to falter. Progressively, as we lost our freedom to go out and indulge in self care services, we became a little more depressed, lethargic and disinterested. Panic set in and replaced happiness, positivity and hope. Darkness began to surround us, as we strove to find ways to stick together and get through this global pandemic as a unit.

As time went by, we went through a period of inner revolution. We took a hold of the reins and chose to exercise at home, colour our own hair and self-manicure our nails. Some of us started to put on a splash of make-up just to feel more alive. I personally began to get back into my routine of waking up, showering and getting dressed in a manner that helped me not feel lazy at home. My life as a stylist and putting looks together came through, as I continued to create style videos, featuring ways to put outfits together. I did this in order to create a vision of escape for women, a sense of hope towards a more inspired future, and a reminder that we will one day be able to dress up and express ourselves again.

While we look forward to a brighter future, the current reality of the global pandemic and stay-home rule has forced us to dive into ourselves and carve out the essence of who we are. It has given us a renewed sense of gratitude for the importance of self-maintenance in beauty and an appreciation for how style and dressing up can really change our sense of well-being.


1. Style Your Hair & Makeup

Manicure your nails, get your skin care regime in check.

2. Exercise

Try for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. The key is to just get started. Find a time of day that feels best for you, and stick to a routine.

3. Eat Well & Drink Water

Incorporate smoothies, salads, greens, proteins, and lots of water into your diet. Committing to a well-balanced diet will help you get your body back in shape, and will benefit your mind.

4. Use Positive Affirmations Daily

Today is going to be a great day.

I am beautiful.

I am happy.

I am loved.

I am intelligent.

I will use this day to the best of my abilities to take another step forward in creating the best possible life for myself and the people I love.

5. Get Dressed

Fashion is your armour, and style is your expression. Use the art of dressing as a way to change your mood according to what you desire to accomplish daily. Our day may consist of multiple scenarios that require differently styling routines. Here are some ideas to help you jumpstart your journey from pandemic to glamdemic:

At Home: Comfortable Chic

You don’t want to over-do it, but you still want to dress in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling completely comfortable. Avoid wearing clothes that make you feel like lounging on your comfy bed. The key is to stay productive. A pair of leggings or pants paired with a comfortable bodysuit that has stretch or casual top. A simple alternative is a jersey or knit type dress that has ample stretch to keep movement unrestricted. Tip: reserve a pair of comfy flats, sneakers or pretty slippers for the home, so that every time you look down at your feet you smile.

Running out for an Errand: Turn It Up

Take the opportunity to express yourself. This is your chance. Style yourself with the whole 9 yards: heels or flat boots, coat, purse, put on a bit more make-up, style your hair with a trendy hair band or favourite bougie cap, wear jewellery and sunglasses. Do it up even if it’s a half hour outing to the bank.

At Night: Cozy and Cute

The intention here is to wind down. Now that the day is done, you can dawn your cute tracks and cozy sweater. Put on your favourite pair of designer socks, grab your copy of Chaarmz, and sit back for well-deserved me-time.

6. Create Special Nights At Home

Date Night, Zoom Party Night, Me Myself & I Night

This gives you a purpose to put on something that elevates your look and reminds you how amazing it is to dress up and feel good. Style yourself with your favourite little black dress and heels, curl your hair and do your make-up. You will be reminded of the feeling of dressing up full glam, and it will inspire a renewed sense of self.

Style and dressing are a form of empowerment. In my career as a fashion stylist and image consultant, I have witnessed how it has dramatically changed people’s lives. The art of dressing has the power to take you out of the vortex of even the deepest depression into a full expression of who you really are at the core of your being. Sometimes we just need a little coaching to help guide us into the truest version of ourselves, despite our surroundings and means. There is always a way to the light for those who believe in the power of positivity and living your best life.

Amie DiCarlo

Fashion Stylist & Image Consultant

Founder of Artemis

For more style coaching, please visit @artemisboutique or email me directly at




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