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How To Be Confident And Awesome

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

How To Be Confident And Awesome

by Sarah Godbout

You might have heard about how your confidence is your key to success. If yes, you have heard it right. No matter how big your plans are and how many people are there just to degrade you, just stay confident about your ability to ace everything.

Don’t bother yourself by thinking about what that bunch of insignificant ones would think regarding your struggles and trials. Just keep riding on your journey and you will complete your goals in no time. Our brains do what we tell them.

So, it’s very important to be confident if you want awesome things to happen to you. Believe me, if you have a genuine desire to rule the world and survive the most bizarre situations, learn to flaunt your flaws with absolute confidence. In case you admire confident people and are struggling to become one, I have some amazing life-changing confidence-building tips for you.

Yes, you need to call upon all the successful moments that you lived previously because doing this will surely boost your self-esteem. Don’t worry, if you haven’t experienced success yet because your next step could lead you to it. Just keep believing in yourself since no one else

will do it for you. Always keep your achievements listed in a diary so wherever you feel less confident, you can skim it and see what you are capable of. Your achievements do not need to be exploring Mount Everest, it can be anything small like passing an exam,etc. Among the basic confidence-building tips, one is to plan ahead by having some goals. The purpose of going is togain confidence by completing the set target, so your goals do not have to be big ones. Even if you are planning to learn baking, you are doing this step right. Don’t just bang your head here and there to get your goal. Instead of doing hard work, opt for smart work. Listen to the necessary steps and complete them one by one. Don’t rush, remember slow and steady wins the race.

Besides being a confidence-building tip, monitoring your progress while achieving your goals is one of the best self-help tips. You must be thinking how? Well, don’t bother. Let me answer you.

Keeping a check on your progress is self-help as with every completed step you get the confidence to accomplish your goal. And you know what, once you follow this step, you won’t need to look for “how to feel awesome” tips because confidence coming for the progress check will automatically make us feel awesome.

Awesomeness and confidence lie in being courageous and fearful. If you can dream big, why can’t you achieve it? Trust me, before doing anything, eliminate the element of fear from your personality.

Don’t let your mind come across “I don’t think, I can do it” thoughts. Because they won’t let you step ahead. Remember, your true enemy is the fear of failure and not failure itself. Take inspiration from people who were once failures and are now successful. Trust me,there are so many including Walt Disney, Stephen King, JK Rowling, etc. So, failure is a part of success and there is no need to fear it.

If you think about others before taking a new step, then consider it a great flaw in your personality. I don’t think it needs to be said that the world is crowded with people who will tell you that you are not capable of achieving the goals you have set. But it is you who knows your actual potential. Don’t let envious people step on your dreams. Show them you are a resolute individual who keeps going despite all the “Nos” and refusals. Know that there are thousands of people who are changing the world every day, every minute and you can be one of them as well. Just be confident and free-spirited.

You shouldn’t be doing something you are not interested in.

Follow your passion and listen to your instincts. Be crazy and passionate enough to pursue your dreams. Your passion will become the source of your confidence because when you love something you can go to every extent just to accomplish it. If you need someone to guide you through your journey of confidence or awesomeness, I am here for you. You can always reach out to me wherever you feel something is not working for you. Follow the above tips and steadily move towards an awesome and confident life.


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