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How to Turn Pain Into Power, Positively!

Have you ever been in a situation to which you felt as though you could not see the light at the end of the tunnel? Any positive foreseeable future? Chances are, you have or will experience(d) this, or moments very similar to this at one point in your life. These moments are the very pivotal times in your life where you are graced with opportunity, in the midst of pain, even though it does not feel that way.

Photo by: Jamie Torrance

When overcoming any hardship I was faced with, whether it be growing up as the eldest child of deaf parents and coping with their failing marriage, responsibilities bestowed onto me due to circumstances, abuse, bullying by my peers, loneliness, financial trouble, death, or general unhappiness, I asked myself “What is this trying to teach me?” Instead of “Why is this happening to me?” This opened my mind to the possibilities that there are wonderful opportunities to turn my pain into power. Unknowingly, I was already training my mind to look for the good, instead of victimizing myself.

In doing so, I made a promise to me and to my future; to find and to live up to my purpose. At the lowest moments of my life, I thrived. I looked for positive outlets to channel all of my pent-up frustration and used this energy to contribute to becoming a better me, so I could create a better tomorrow. I started off angry, but that was the fuel. I needed all of the “fuel” I could find, to get on the road and pursue happiness.

Photo by: Jamie Torrance

In one instance, I was in my early 20’s. I had just left a relationship that nearly broke my heart, had begun to beat myself up over not having pursued post-secondary school due to financial trouble, for some reason I had convinced myself that my family was my responsibility and I had failed them; all whilst walking into my low-paying job that may or may not have had a future. I had turned the radio on and BOOM, there it was. A commercial to audition for Masterchef Canada, Season 3. Something in my heart jumped and I decided I was going to run towards the chance at changing my life and perhaps even the lives of my loved ones. At this very moment, I had no fear of failure, only fear that I would wake up later in my life with regret.

Fast forward 6 years, I ended up a finalist on the show, I was named the “fan favourite” on CTV’s “The Social” and I am now headstrong on becoming my own boss, working towards financial freedom.

My work in progress is turning my hobby, BaglioneStagione, into a respected business. Along my journey, I explored opportunities that I thought would either be my golden ticket or another stream of income, whatever it took for me to find and live my purpose, one brick at a time.

When looking back at my journey so far, I realized I was paying respect to my pain and not my love. Although we may feel pain, as wretched as it’s wrath may be, we lose sight that only love is the source and the only answer to everything good or bad. Our love for our life, our family, our passion, our craft. Once you surrender to love, you can and you WILL turn any pain into power.

Photo by: Osama Usmani

Now, having experiencing the traumatic loss of my grandfather in January 2021, I remember what my beloved Nonno Raffaele said to me once I came back from filming the television show all those years ago; that I would be the one to take my name from the stables to the stars; Dalle Stalle Alle Stelle. Staying focused on this very memory reminded me of a quote I once heard; “Everything is going to be ok in the end. If it’s not okay, it is not the end” …. I just have to stay standing.

My only hope for all of you reading this article is for you to become inspired in changing your life for the better, and in doing so, choosing love.

- Jennifer Baglione


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