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Updated: Jul 25, 2021

You may recognize our cover star for holding various and incredible titles like Miss Venezuela (2016) and Top Five Miss Universe International (2017). She is an International Model, Runway Coach, the owner of the Panthera Collection by NOGU and the TV Host of popular Venezuelan show, Beyond Beauty (tenth edition). Not to mention, a Mechanical Engineer by trade. Undoubtedly, Keysi Sayago is a definite creative, intelligent and passionate force.

No stranger to the limelight, Sayago opts to use her public presence powerfully, with a focus on activism. Dedicated, she champions important causes such as striving to end hunger on the streets of Venezuela and working with foster organization, Fetch & Releash.

What is your definition of Women Empowerment? Is it about gender equality or is it more than that?

“An empowered woman is a woman who feels confident, capable, and understands her potential. She is a woman who will not be bound by dated paradigms, stereotypes, or prejudices against her values.

I believe that throughout history we have had amazing examples of women who have proved that our gender is fully capable of pursuing what it wants. I feel that we are now a reflection of what has been (painstakingly) achieved on the backs of incredible women in history.

There are still many battles to be won, however, we have raised our voice and our position in ways that were previously unthinkable. Women's empowerment started as a push for gender equality and has now become a way of thinking. It is not about gender. It is about ability, intelligence, and ambition.”


What are the qualities of an empowered woman? How can women empower themselves?

“We all have, deep inside us, the qualities of an empowered woman, but sometimes it’s hard for some of us to see it. The qualities that stand out in a successful woman are confidence, leadership, initiative, emotional intelligence, discipline, focus, empathy, character, sympathy, and of course passion.

Clearly establishing the goals and the path we want to pursue in our lives is the best way to connect with our most empowered selves. I strongly believe that projection is the key to personal growth. I constantly ask myself if what I do today drives me to what I want for myself in the future. This is how I develop the motivation to work for what I want. This is where I tap into my power.”

Who are your personal icons of strong, powerful women – what is it about them that speaks to you & sets them apart?

“I have had many important female influences growing up, but the women that definitely pushed me to love more and to believe in myself were my mother and my sister. They are women who, through their life experiences, have shown me that what matters most is what we have to offer as human beings, our morals, and values. They have also taught me the meaning of courage and bravery, to be aware of my value but remain humble, to love with my soul and make decisions with a calm mind, to fight for my aspirations, to evolve as a person, and above all to be happy with who I am.

I know that in human history there are women who have achieved accomplishments garnering worldwide acclaim, but I am proud that what I have achieved was in large part due to the influence I had from the women at home.”

What is your view on the impact of the digital era on women's empowerment? Do you feel it is a benefit or a hindrance?

“The digital era allows us to extend our reach much further when we want to inspire others to evolve every day. Having the ability to access forums, videos, social media, and online courses can equip us with the information we need to move forward and demonstrate that empowerment can be fuelled by the information we consume.

One of the negative things about the digital era is that it is filled with judgment. We should be incredibly mindful and selective in choosing what we want to feed our minds with - because, ultimately we become what we consume.”

What role do you think pageants play in empowering women?

“The world of beauty pageants has evolved in concert with the social changes happening worldwide. By applying a greater focus on mental beauty, we are redefining what beauty stands for. That is why we now see women who take part in pageants having impactful professions, powerful life experiences, and of course an energetic beauty that helps to spread the message of women's empowerment.

Beauty Queens can be examples and inspiration for many young ladies who aspire to someday have the crown on their heads. It becomes a responsibility to uphold a positive and empowering image along with the title. Throughout my career, it has always been important for me to prove that success comes hand-in-hand with education and effort. I am grateful to have been able to amplify my message, thanks to the exposure I have earned through beauty pageants.”

IG: @keysisay

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