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Resilience is the Key

I am the wife to a leading geneticist and founder of the world's most advanced DNA crime laboratory, a mom to five beautiful children ranging in age from seven to seventeen, a biomedical scientist, and an intellectual property specialist that chose to pursue my passion in fitness, becoming a bodybuilder at age forty.

This led to a sponsored athlete role for Younk's Nutrition Central and I became a published fitness model. There is only one thing I'm not - a quitter, this has shaped my approach to life. I wake up choosing courage every day. I set goals I couldn't possibly achieve and then work hard until I become the person that can!

Just a couple of years ago, I would have said that living the life I have today would be impossible. I now know that impossible is a temporary opinion and not a fact. Nothing is impossible as long as you stay resilient. To me, resilience is not only about overcoming adversities, it’s about becoming a person that chooses to use adversity to their benefit, opting to thrive in uncomfortable situations.

Once it was publicly declared that I was going to pursue the sport of bodybuilding, I was judged, criticized and talked down by strangers, friends and even family. I was told that it was impossible and that "It must be a mid-life crisis”. I chose not to listen and to keep working out of my comfort zone towards my goals.

I’ve been asked crazy questions like “What does your husband think? - Do you have time for your children now? Are you doing this for attention?” My husband is my biggest fan, the kids have learned more discipline by example this year than ever before, and I am doing this for me.

Is it hard? Yes! With very few exceptions, I eat the same food every day under the guidance of my incredible coach, Andrew Vu. I spend hours at my gym (Lifted) working harder than I ever thought possible, pushing myself to failure with my amazing trainer, Tory Tarnowski. When I’m exhausted, in pain, or just not motivated, I remember that I can make progress or excuses. I always choose progress. I pick myself up and do it all over again. I seek support from my best friend who happens to be my fitness idol, Lori Slayer, and my family.

I remain resilient. It’s a commitment but nothing in life worth doing is easy. Having children is a commitment, a good relationship takes lots of work, a good career is much the same. Fitness for me is a lifestyle, a daily choice with no end in sight. It’s also my purpose, my therapy and my passion. I can’t imagine life without it.

There are few things in life that we can truly control however, sculpting our bodies to be the best version of ourselves is one of those things! Cold, hard steel gave me strength when I felt helpless. Conquering the challenge of lifting heavy weights taught me to push through fear and helped me to find hope, peace and discover dreams I never knew existed.

Every disciplined day was one step closer to my transformation. Every time my body did something it could not do before, I found myself rejoicing in the progress. As it developed into a stronger version of itself, so did my mindset. I started to trust myself and believe in my dreams. I truly believe that we reach our true potential outside our comfort zone and this is galaxies away from mine!

Kristen Mittelman

Instagram @fit_tx_19

Published fitness model, sponsored athlete, bodybuilder, marathoner, triathlete, ballerina, co-founder of Buff and Bougie, Ph.D. in Biomedical Science, intellectual property agent, mom of 5 (ages 7-17), wife to serial entrepreneur that is recently solving unsolvable crimes using genetics, avid traveller, lover of all animals and some people!




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