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Spring Cleaning Your Life

spring clean·ing

/spriNG ˈklēniNG/


  1. a thorough cleaning of a house or room, typically undertaken in spring.

Lately, I have become very conscious of the way I clean my house since it has become semi-therapeutic. Our homes naturally attract unwanted dirt and disorganization that we attend to regularly. But spring cleaning for me is a different type of clean. Spring cleaning is when I pull everything out of its place and I clean the back of those shelves, cabinets and closets, clean every corner and every room of my condo, scrub the walls and reorganize everything that I own. It sounds like a lot of work but it’s worth it once it’s done.

According to an article on, spring cleaning supports a strong immune system, reduces stress, can improve heart health, improve your night’s sleep, increase your productivity, improve your mood, help you feel accomplished, and it encourages a healthier lifestyle.

It is no longer acceptable in this new decade to just muddle through your life and be miserable. It is also no longer acceptable to put other people’s needs ahead of yours and neglect your own. We all have to be in the business of taking care of ourselves first so we can be genuinely kind and loving to the people we have to deal with and truly enjoy our lives.

Our soul is the place that houses our thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts produce positive or negative energy and we want to produce healthy, positive thoughts. If we clean our house, then how do we clean our soul from all the bad experiences we have had to go through, no matter how big or small the experience was?

So let’s spring clean our lives!! Spring cleaning requires much greater effort and planning than regular cleaning, but the health benefits of spring cleaning as mentioned above can noticeably improve the quality of our lives in a way that materialism cannot. Our finances, health, career, relationships, and social life all deserve the evaluation, cleanliness, and organization that we give our homes. Here are tips to spring clean your life.


  1. In a notebook write down the areas that you should spring clean: finances, health, career, relationships, social life, and spiritual practice.

  2. Then under each category write down how you would like that area to be/look like. Write down what your dream would be as it pertains to that area and don’t allow fear to tell you that it is not possible.

  3. Then in each category write down one thing that is not working and that needs to change (the things that make this area dirty) and what you want to improve in that area. For example, in finances, one thing that might be putting you in debt is the number of times you go out for dinner with people. Or in relationships, you might have to identify people that are draining your energy and decide to distance yourself from that person for a while.

  4. Then write a to-do list (actionable items) for each category that will assist you in getting closer to how you want that area to be. Write down the first things that come to your mind and continue from that point. Don’t discard any of it.

  5. Execute your plan! Make it your business to execute your plan so that you can start living the life you have always wanted. You’re going to have to commit to some time every day or a few hours a week to make sure you do everything on your list.

It is not enough to have the intention of cleaning or making a plan; spring cleaning is only spring cleaning when you actually accomplish the level of cleaning you set out to do. It is uncomfortable but it will be worthwhile in the end. Organizing and cleaning the different areas of your life will destress you and improve your energy in a way that external materialism cannot. And when you change yourself internally, you’ll soon begin to notice that your external life will reflect who you are on the inside.

Michell Barker

Author / Life Speaker

Book: You Are Not the Only One



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