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Sunlight & the Shadows

The weather in Toronto has relatively been moderate this winter. On one of such not so cold afternoon's, myself and our model Emerald Van Langen decided to embark upon a photography adventure. The plan was to capture Emerald's statuesque figure in the basking sun. Due to the shortness of the days we could only capture the tail end of the departing sun. The results however were quite interesting. (Please leave detailed comments about the capture and your likes and dislikes regarding the photoshoot.

Emerald is a model quite unique in her physique. She stands 6'4" without heels and with the 8" heels that she brought with her, she was a towering 7'+ stature. Capturing her sitting in a close setting was a challenge but we decided to experiment with the falling shadows and the the sun fading away.

I was a solo operation and along my Sony Alpha II, I pulled out the reflector to direct a little bit of the sun peaking through, onto her face and create highlights. The contrast of the sun in the backdrop and. the shadows on her body and face was quite intense. We had to play around a bit in post to get the maximum out of the result.

We used a combination of blemish removal, little liquify effect, some dodge & Burn, exaggerating highlights through curves adjustment, sharpening, low opacity filters, logo setting and adjusting the exposure. Hope you like the final results, please leave a comment in the comment section in detail as to the result of the captures.

Emerald is a fantastic model, her work ethic is amazing and she is a true professional. She has a very versatile portfolio and we would love to work with her and explore more creative possibilities as she is open to many creative ideas.

The specs used for this photoshoot are as follows: sonyalpha 7ii fullframe mirrorlesscamera

sony wideangle 28-70mm lens shot at 28mm, shot at f/5 1/100s ISO 50, godox Speedflash with natural light, diffuser and reflector.

Thank you!

Kal Ata - Pubisher @chaarmzmagazine




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